Red Bull: Our F1 Competitors Eagerly Await Our Downfall

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As the team embarks on its Red Bull Powertrains project, originated from Honda’s initial decision to withdraw from F1 in 2021 – a decision subsequently reversed by the Japanese manufacturer who by 2026, will be supplying engines to the Aston Martin team under a new works deal.

Red Bull has previously acted as a de facto F1 works team, initially with Renault and later with Honda, during its 18-year history in F1. The creation of its Powertrains division, however, represents a new and larger endeavor.

Currently, Red Bull is experiencing what Team Principal Christian Horner refers to as a “golden age” during an exclusive interview with F1 The team, alongside Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, and Mercedes, recently celebrated their 100th F1 race win, thanks to Max Verstappen’s recent triumph in Canada. It also seems to be on track to win the 2023 world championship double.

When questioned if Red Bull gets sufficient recognition for its success since acquiring the Jaguar team in 2005 – only Mercedes has won more drivers’ and constructors’ titles in this period (seven and eight compared to Red Bull’s six and five), and Red Bull achieved 100 victories in a record 14 years – Horner answered, “When you’re in the moment, it’s quite hard to make that call.

“Only by stepping back and reflecting on what has been accomplished, does the magnitude of the achievement become clear. So, this will eventually take place.

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

Photo by: Patrick Vinet / F1 Flow Images

“We’re still relatively newcomers in the scene. Despite being one of the newer teams in Formula 1, our fan base continues to grow.

“Only time will tell what we can ultimately achieve.

“We are on the verge of some exciting developments as we become our own power unit manufacturer.

“Many probably anticipate us stumbling on this path.

“But, rest assured, this group possesses the determination necessary to ensure its success.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Red Bull F1 Team

What new project is the Red Bull F1 team currently undertaking?

The Red Bull F1 team is currently embarking on its Red Bull Powertrains project, a new endeavor after Honda’s decision to withdraw and later reverse their withdrawal from F1.

What recent milestone has Red Bull F1 achieved?

Red Bull F1, along with Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, and Mercedes, recently celebrated its 100th F1 race win with Max Verstappen’s victory in Canada.

What future plans does Red Bull F1 have?

Red Bull F1 has plans to become its own power unit manufacturer, a significant step that demonstrates the team’s growth and ambition in the sport.

Who is the team principal of Red Bull F1 and what does he think of the team’s progress?

Christian Horner is the Team Principal of Red Bull F1. He believes that while Red Bull is still relatively new to the sport, its fan base is growing steadily and the team has exciting prospects as it becomes a power unit manufacturer.

How does Christian Horner respond to those who doubt Red Bull F1’s new direction?

Christian Horner acknowledges that many people might expect the team to stumble on their new path of becoming a power unit manufacturer. However, he affirms that the group is filled with determination to ensure its success.

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