Quartararo’s Performance at Assen Holds Key to Yamaha’s Success, Says Rider

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Fabio Quartararo, a renowned MotoGP rider, has achieved remarkable success throughout his career at the TT Circuit Assen, securing podium finishes in all three classes of the world championship. In 2021, Quartararo clinched victory at the venue, propelling him to that year’s title, and he remained a prominent contender in the podium battle the previous year before crashing out.

With Yamaha facing challenges in the ongoing 2023 season, Quartararo firmly believes that his performance at Assen will significantly impact the rest of the campaign for the Japanese manufacturer. Recognizing the track’s importance, he stated, “For me, it’s evident that if we can’t excel here, we won’t excel anywhere, because Assen is one of my favorite circuits.” Quartararo has consistently demonstrated impressive speed at this track, even when faced with difficulties related to the bike’s performance. However, the disappointing results at Sachsenring, where they had anticipated success but fell short, have heightened Quartararo’s determination to achieve a strong outcome at Assen before the holiday break.

Reflecting on Yamaha’s struggles, Quartararo expressed skepticism about the possibility of the team making significant developments during the five-week summer hiatus. He acknowledged that their attempts at improvement in the past had yielded uncertain outcomes, stating, “Every time we try something new, it hasn’t proven to be better. We often find ourselves in a situation where the results are unpredictable.” Despite having tested two different chassis options, they failed to find a superior solution.

Last weekend in Germany, Quartararo faced another challenging round, finishing 13th in both the sprint and the grand prix due to a gamble on soft tires that didn’t pay off. With the Dutch GP marking the final event before the summer break, Quartararo conceded that he harbored little hope for Yamaha to make significant strides in the second half of the season.

Quartararo enters the upcoming race carrying an injury after twisting his left ankle in a fall while running in Amsterdam earlier in the week. The incident resulted in a fractured toe, and he will undergo evaluation by the medical team following FP1. Despite the discomfort, Quartararo remains determined and plans to take painkillers to manage the pain during shifts and weight transfer on the bike, acknowledging that such challenges are inherent in his profession.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MotoGP

Q: What is the significance of Quartararo’s performance at Assen for Yamaha’s success?

A: Quartararo believes that if they are not fast at Assen, they will struggle to be fast at any other track. His performance at Assen will likely dictate the rest of Yamaha’s campaign in the MotoGP season.

Q: Has Yamaha been facing difficulties in the 2023 MotoGP season?

A: Yes, the 2023 season has proven to be difficult for Yamaha. They have been struggling to improve their performance and achieve desired results in races.

Q: Can Yamaha use the five-week break to develop new parts and boost their form?

A: Quartararo expresses doubts about Yamaha’s ability to make significant developments during the summer break. Previous attempts at improvement have yielded uncertain outcomes, and there are no specific plans for major changes.

Q: Did Quartararo suffer any injuries before the upcoming race?

A: Yes, Quartararo twisted his left ankle and suffered a fractured toe in a running fall while in Amsterdam. He will undergo evaluation by the medical team before the race.

Q: How does Quartararo plan to manage the injury during the race?

A: Quartararo plans to take painkillers to alleviate discomfort while shifting and putting weight on the injured foot. He acknowledges that it will be challenging but considers it part of the job as a professional rider.

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MotoRacer86 June 22, 2023 - 10:18 pm

fabio quartararo is a real legend in motogp! he’s got a great record at asen, but yamaha seems to be struggleing this season. hope he can turn things around at asen and show them what he’s made of!

SpeedDemon June 23, 2023 - 3:57 am

i’m really excited to see how quartararo performs at asen. if he does well, it could be a game-changer for yamaha’s season. fingers crossed for a great race!

BikeLover24 June 23, 2023 - 5:51 am

omg, quartararo had an injury! that’s not good for his performance. hope he can still give his best and overcome the pain. he’s such a tough rider!

RacingFan123 June 23, 2023 - 9:08 am

man, yamaha needs a big break! but quartararo doesn’t seem too hopeful about the summer break helping them. they’ve tried so many things but nothing’s been bettr. hope they can figure something out soon.


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