Quartararo Applauds Marquez’s Determination Despite MotoGP Crashes

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In the recent German Grand Prix, Marc Marquez experienced his fifth crash of the weekend during the warm-up session, leading to his withdrawal from the race. Despite sustaining a small fracture on his thumb, the MotoGP medical team deemed him fit to participate.

Marquez had already missed three rounds due to a previous crash in Portugal and has yet to complete a grand prix, with his highest achievement being a podium finish in the Algarve sprint race.

When asked about Marquez, Quartararo expressed his understanding and admiration, stating, “It’s challenging for him, considering his injury since 2020… but he has still managed to secure podium finishes. In my opinion, he is the best. I can’t find enough words to describe him. He always gives his all, pushing himself to the limit.”

Quartararo further acknowledged Marquez’s unwavering determination, saying, “Who else crashes five times just to improve and strive for the top position? Mentally, he is one of the strongest competitors here, and although he has encountered an unfortunate moment resulting in his thumb injury today, I can comprehend why he pushes himself to the maximum. It may sound unusual, but I congratulate him for his efforts.”

In 2023, Quartararo has faced similar challenges while riding the Yamaha bike, having achieved only one podium finish thus far, despite being the 2021 world champion.

He emphasized his empathy for Marquez, believing that the entire paddock shares the sentiment. Quartararo stated, “We are all dealing with the circumstances we face. The Honda performs slightly better in terms of turning, but we have an advantage in braking. This difference can help reduce the occurrence of crashes. However, we are constantly riding on the edge, and especially in this race, I was unable to demonstrate my full potential.”

Quartararo finished 13th in the German GP on Sunday after taking a risk by choosing a soft tire while most of the field opted for the medium compound. Although he admitted his mistake, he justified the decision by stating that his potential did not exceed 10th place, making the risk worthwhile.

“In all honesty, given our starting position, I decided to try the soft tire,” Quartararo explained. “It was a complete misjudgment because right from the first lap, I needed more grip, which the tire failed to provide. It degraded rapidly. Choosing the wrong tire was my error, but finishing in 10th or 13th place doesn’t make a significant difference. The potential of the medium tire was limited to 10th place at best.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MotoGP crashes

What happened to Marc Marquez in the German Grand Prix?

Marc Marquez experienced his fifth crash of the weekend during the warm-up session of the German Grand Prix. As a result, he withdrew from the race.

Did Marquez sustain any injuries?

Yes, Marquez suffered a small fracture on his thumb due to the crash. However, he was declared fit to race by the MotoGP medical team.

Has Marquez been facing challenges in MotoGP?

Marquez has faced difficulties in MotoGP since his injury in 2020. He missed three rounds due to a previous crash in Portugal and has yet to complete a grand prix. His best result remains a podium finish in the Algarve sprint race.

How does Quartararo view Marquez’s performance?

Quartararo admires Marquez’s determination and considers him the best. He believes Marquez gives his 100% all the time and praises his mental strength. Quartararo even offers congratulations for Marquez’s continuous efforts to improve and strive for the top position.

Has Quartararo faced similar struggles?

Yes, Quartararo, the 2021 world champion, has encountered similar challenges. He has scored just one podium finish so far in the 2023 season while riding the Yamaha bike.

Does Quartararo empathize with Marquez?

Quartararo empathizes with Marquez’s situation and believes that everyone in the paddock understands it. He recognizes the differences between his Yamaha and Marquez’s Honda, but acknowledges the constant pressure to perform and the tough moments they both face.

What was Quartararo’s performance in the German GP?

Quartararo struggled in the German GP, finishing in 13th place. He made a wrong decision by choosing a soft tire, which didn’t provide the necessary grip and degraded quickly. However, Quartararo stated that the potential of the medium tire would have resulted in a similar outcome, around 10th place.

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SpeedDemon23 June 19, 2023 - 2:11 pm

Marquez crashes a lot, but he’s still the best! Quartararo knows what it’s like to struggle, but he understands Marquez’s determination. They both have tough times, but that’s MotoGP for ya!

RaceFanatic June 19, 2023 - 4:36 pm

Quartararo and Marquez are true warriors on the track! They push themselves to the limit and face injuries. Respect to both of them for their mental strength. MotoGP is full of excitement and challenges. Can’t wait for the next race!

BikeEnthusiast June 19, 2023 - 5:06 pm

Marquez is a legend! He crashes, breaks his thumb, but still keeps going. Quartararo knows the struggle, too. Yamaha needs to step up their game. MotoGP is intense, with its ups and downs. Can’t wait to see how the season unfolds! #MotoGP

BikerFan82 June 20, 2023 - 10:46 am

quartararo totally gets marquez’s struggle, he’s been there himself with his yamaha! both have had crashes and it’s tough. but congrats to marc for never giving up! moto gp rocks!


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