Postponement of F1 Tyre Blanket Ban to 2025 Decided

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Today’s F1 Commission meeting at Spa, involving the FIA, F1 organisation, and the teams, led to the conclusion to delay the prohibition on tyre blankets until 2025.

The topic of tyre blankets was a significant point of discussion. According to the 2024 regulations, tyre blankets are to be used, and a change in this rule would require a unanimous vote.

Previously, it was found that the prototypes warm up sufficiently within a few corners after exiting the pits at test venues like Bahrain, Barcelona, and Silverstone. However, the teams wish to study them further in diverse tracks and understand their performance while switching from intermediate tyres on a moist circuit.

An agreement was made to revisit this issue before the commencement of the 2025 season. The complicating factor is that the new tyre tender deal also begins in the same season, and it’s yet unclear whether the contract will be awarded to incumbent Pirelli or Bridgestone, which is making a comeback.

A consensus was reached to launch blankets-free intermediates in 2024, with the wet tyres having been in use since the Monaco GP of this year.

PU equalisation was another topic on the agenda, mainly revolving around a proposal from Alpine for additional development on its Renault engine to close the performance gap with rivals. Although the French manufacturer found some sympathy, a consensus was not reached, and the power unit advisory committee will continue the discussion.

A suggestion to extend the capital expenditure allowance under the cost cap to facilitate improvements in factory infrastructure by Williams and others was also brought up, but it didn’t result in an agreement. The financial advisory committee will further deliberate on this matter.

Looking towards 2026, reducing the size and weight of the cars for the next rule changes was also discussed, with the technical advisory committee expected to continue these talks.

The issue of standing starts in light of problems at this year’s Australian GP was also addressed. However, it was decided to maintain the current regulations and let the FIA race director make the final call, rather than eliminating standing restarts after a certain race distance.

In conclusion, next year’s pre-season testing in Bahrain was confirmed to be scheduled for February 21-23.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 tyre blanket ban

When has the F1 tyre blanket ban been postponed to?

The F1 tyre blanket ban has been postponed to 2025 following a decision made at an F1 Commission meeting.

Who was present at the F1 Commission meeting where the decision was made?

The FIA, F1 organization, and the teams were all present at the F1 Commission meeting where the decision to postpone the tyre blanket ban was made.

What was the consensus regarding the prototypes of tyre blankets?

The consensus was that while the prototypes demonstrated that they get up to temperature within a few corners of leaving the pits at test venues, teams wanted to see them in action at a wider range of tracks.

What changes are agreed for the tyre usage in 2024?

It was agreed to introduce blanket-free intermediates in 2024. Wet tyres have already been in use since this year’s Monaco GP.

What are the other key topics discussed in the F1 Commission meeting?

Other key topics discussed included PU equalisation, extending the capital expenditure allowance under the cost cap, reducing the size and weight of the cars for the next rule changes, and standing starts.

When and where is next year’s pre-season testing confirmed for?

Next year’s pre-season testing is confirmed for February 21-23 in Bahrain.

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