Pirelli Scrambles to Finalize 2024 F1 Tyres Amid Testing Changes

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Alpine and Red Bull are set to trial prototypes at Monza following the Italian Grand Prix. Additionally, every team will get a crack at them during the Friday practice sessions at both the Japanese and Mexican Grand Prix events.

Up until July of this year, Pirelli poured its in-season slick testing resources into developing tires without the traditional blankets. The goal was to get these innovative tires greenlit for the 2024 season. However, a curveball was thrown their way during the Spa-Francorchamps weekend, when the F1 Commission decided to keep tire blankets around for at least one more year. This has left Pirelli scrambling to shift gears and refocus on conventional tires for the next racing season.

To further complicate things, Pirelli is annually tasked with adapting its tires to accommodate increasingly greater downforce levels forecasted for the subsequent year. Because of the earlier focus on blanket-free tires, Pirelli now faces a time crunch to finalize a 2024 design.

Nevertheless, they’ve managed to pivot their production. The test at Monza will concentrate on tire construction, pending approval by the FIA come mid-September. During the Friday sessions in Suzuka and Mexico City, teams will experiment with different rubber compounds. In the past, Friday prototype testing hasn’t always involved such a variety; sometimes all drivers have tested identical tires.

The final decision on these compounds will be made by December 1, shortly after a comprehensive test of the definitive 2024 tires, involving all teams, at the close of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

![Pirelli Technicians Fine-tuning Tires]

Photo by: Andy Hone / F1 Flow Images

Simone Berra, Pirelli’s Chief Engineer, elaborated on the ongoing tire tests in an interview with F1 Flow.com. “Continual development in car tech demands the same from our tires. We’re focusing on enhancing their reliability, endurance against fatigue, and resistance to high-load scenarios,” Berra stated.

He further added, “We are specifically looking to elevate the performance of certain compounds that haven’t quite hit the mark.”

In anticipation of increased mechanical demands through 2024, Pirelli is diligently working on tire construction based on data provided by the teams. “By the end of June, teams had submitted their simulation data. This gave us a couple of months to crunch the numbers and get a handle on what next year’s load capacities will look like. Spoiler alert: they’re going up,” mentioned Berra.

The tire development process is comprehensive and intricate. “We’re integrating new materials and designs across the board, whether it’s sidewalls, bead areas, or structural geometry. Our R&D department is neck-deep in optimizations, and thus far, the results are encouraging,” Berra concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pirelli 2024 F1 Tires Development

What is the main focus of Pirelli’s current tire development for F1?

The main focus of Pirelli’s current tire development is preparing for the 2024 F1 season. Initially, they were working on no-blanket tires, but a decision by the F1 Commission to retain tire blankets for another year has forced them to refocus on traditional tire designs.

Why is Pirelli in a time crunch for the 2024 F1 tires?

Pirelli is in a time crunch because they had initially directed their resources towards developing no-blanket tires, hoping these would be approved for 2024. However, the F1 Commission decided to stick with blanket-covered tires for at least another year, leaving Pirelli with limited time to pivot and develop standard tires for the upcoming season.

Where and when will the new Pirelli tires be tested?

The new Pirelli tires will be tested at Monza after the Italian Grand Prix by Alpine and Red Bull. Further tests will be conducted during the Friday practice sessions of the Japanese and Mexican Grands Prix, involving all teams.

What aspects are being tested in the upcoming sessions?

The upcoming tests will focus on the construction of the tires during the Monza trial, pending FIA approval in mid-September. During the Friday sessions in Suzuka and Mexico City, different rubber compounds will be experimented with by the teams.

Who is Simone Berra and what did he say about the tire development?

Simone Berra is Pirelli’s Chief Engineer. He emphasized the need for continual development to match the cars’ increasing performance. He also mentioned that they’re focusing on improving the tire’s reliability, fatigue resistance, and resistance to high-load scenarios.

When is the deadline for approving the new compounds?

The new compounds have to be approved by December 1, right after a comprehensive test involving all F1 teams at the close of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

What kind of data are the F1 teams providing to Pirelli for tire development?

The F1 teams provided simulation data at the end of June to Pirelli. This data helps Pirelli understand the expected load capacities for the next year and aids in their tire development process.

What are some of the tire features that Pirelli is working on improving?

Pirelli is working on enhancing various features like new materials, structure, and geometry, specifically focusing on the sidewalls and bead areas of the tire. They are also looking to elevate the performance of certain compounds.

What needs to happen for the 2024 tire designs to be finalized?

The 2024 tire designs need to be approved by the FIA in mid-September following the Monza test. Additionally, the compounds have to be approved by December 1, after being run by all teams in a test following the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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CasualObserver August 26, 2023 - 11:05 am

whats the big deal about blankets? I mean, it sounds so cozy. Jokes aside, if they’ve got such short deadlines, they’re gonna be under a ton of pressure, no?

PetrolHead August 26, 2023 - 4:09 pm

Hey, anyone else wondering what ‘high-load scenarios’ actually means? Like, is this F1 or a physics lecture. Simone Berra seems to know his stuff tho.

MovieBuff87 August 26, 2023 - 7:52 pm

So they were working on no-blanket tires and now they’re back to square one? sounds like a plot twist in an F1 thriller lol

RacingQueen August 27, 2023 - 12:22 am

Man, F1 is a sport that never sleeps, huh? Even the tires have their own drama series. Hope Pirelli figures it out, wouldnt want any tire blowouts next season.

MelodyMaker August 27, 2023 - 1:44 am

Gotta say, F1’s more dramatic than a soap opera. One minute Pirelli’s the future, next minute, they’re back in the garage. But they better get it right, tires are the unsung heroes of any race!

TechGeek August 27, 2023 - 6:38 am

Honestly, I’d like to see more innovation in tire tech. They should be pushing the envelope. Not just iterating year after year. Berra’s interview tho gives me hope, they’re working on some cool stuff!


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