Pirelli: F1 drivers make “easy” complaints about tyres

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Pirelli: F1 Drivers Express “Easy” Tire Complaints

Pirelli has introduced a new construction for the 2023 British Grand Prix to enhance tire resilience and adapt to the increased car performance. Although the compounds remain unchanged, drivers have reported increased sliding during the practice sessions on Friday. It is worth noting that the high pressures used at Silverstone may also contribute to this issue.

Isola, the head of motorsport at Pirelli, acknowledges the drivers’ feedback and is open to listening to their comments. However, he emphasizes that while it is “easy” for drivers to voice their complaints, addressing them is a more complex task for the manufacturer.

He states, “As the sole supplier, it is normal to face criticism. Constructive criticism aimed at improvement is always welcome. I understand that drivers may not always be satisfied with tire performance or behavior.”

Isola highlights some peculiar situations, such as last year when drivers expressed satisfaction with the new cars and 18-inch wheels, citing improved performance and reduced overheating issues. Yet this year, they criticize the overheating despite using the same tires as before. Isola questions how such contradictions arise.

“We strive to do our best. Criticizing the tires may be easy, but I value the drivers’ opinions as they are the heroes of our sport. Making them happy, however, is not always straightforward.”

The Italian executive further explains that Pirelli faces challenges due to the lack of a clear design brief regarding tire degradation, overheating, and desired performance levels. These constraints affect their ability to meet all demands.

He adds, “While there is room for improvement, we have certain limitations. We must develop tires that can operate without blankets for 2024 (subject to approval), which is our current focus. If we need to create tires with reduced overheating, we can explore that direction. However, it requires a consensus on the desired approach.”

Considering the limited testing time, with only 25 days per year, Isola understands the constraints faced by teams and appreciates their current efforts. The busy racing calendar with 22 races this year and 24 races planned for next year places additional restrictions on tire development.

“We cannot demand more from the teams given the efforts they put into providing us with test cars. There are understandable constraints due to the packed schedule.”

In conclusion, Pirelli acknowledges the drivers’ complaints and strives to find solutions within the constraints and demands of the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about tire complaints

What changes did Pirelli make for the 2023 British Grand Prix?

Pirelli introduced a new construction for the 2023 British Grand Prix to enhance tire resilience and cope with the increased car performance. The compounds, however, remained unchanged.

Why are F1 drivers complaining about the tires?

During the practice sessions, drivers have reported increased sliding. This could be attributed to the high pressures used at Silverstone, affecting tire performance.

How does Pirelli respond to the drivers’ complaints?

Pirelli acknowledges the drivers’ feedback and is willing to listen to their comments. However, they emphasize that addressing the complaints is not a straightforward task for the manufacturer.

What does Pirelli say about driver criticisms?

Pirelli states that it is quite normal to receive criticism as the sole supplier of F1 tires. They welcome constructive criticism aimed at improvement but highlight that some criticisms may be unfounded or contradict previous feedback.

What challenges does Pirelli face in addressing the complaints?

Pirelli mentions constraints in terms of design brief and limitations in tire development. They need to consider factors like tire degradation, overheating, and performance levels while also adhering to testing restrictions and the busy racing calendar.

How does Pirelli plan to improve tire performance?

Pirelli aims to develop tires that can operate without blankets for 2024, and they are focused on that goal. If required, they can explore directions to reduce overheating, but a consensus on the desired approach is necessary.

How does Pirelli consider the drivers’ opinions?

Pirelli values the drivers’ opinions and acknowledges their role as the heroes of the sport. They strive to make the drivers happy but emphasize that it is not always easy to meet all their expectations due to the complexities involved in tire manufacturing and design.

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F1Addict55 July 9, 2023 - 5:22 am

Pirelli facin’ criticism from the drivers. They makin’ changes but drivers still ain’t happy. Pirelli tryin’ their best, but it’s not as simple as it seems. Hope they can find a solution.

RaceFanatic777 July 9, 2023 - 6:29 am

Pirelli and the drivers arguin’ over the tires again. Drivers say they want improvements, Pirelli sayin’ it’s not easy. They gotta figure out what the drivers really want. Tough situation!

SpeedDemon23 July 9, 2023 - 6:32 am

Pirelli got sum new tire stuff goin’ on for the British GP. But drivers ain’t happy, they say they slidin’ all over the place. Pirelli listenin’ but they got constraints and a busy schedule. Tough job!

RacingFan88 July 9, 2023 - 8:10 am

hey, i red this. Pirelli says it’s not easy 4 them to make the drivers happy. there’s a lot of complainin’ goin’ on bout the tires but Pirelli tryin’ their best. let’s c if they can fix it!

CarLover91 July 9, 2023 - 9:35 am

Pirelli makes new tires but drivers still complainin’! They say they want better performance, less overheating. Pirelli tryin’ their best but not easy with all the limitations. Hope they figure it out soon!


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