Pietro Fittipaldi Thrilled with Exceptional Haas F1 Test at Silverstone

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Pietro Fittipaldi, the Reserve Driver for Haas F1 Team, recently had an exhilarating experience during his test run at Silverstone. The test was conducted in two sessions, allowing him to try out both dry and wet compounds, preparing for the 2024 season. Impressively, he covered nearly 700 kilometers, which is more than twice the distance of a typical race.

For Fittipaldi, it was a memorable first-time experience driving an F1 car at Silverstone, and he described it as nothing short of “sensational.” The test allowed him to become familiar with the car’s handling in various conditions, enhancing his confidence on the track. He credited his physical preparation, as he had been diligently working on his fitness since the previous year to endure the demanding laps without any issues.

Reflecting on the day with Haas, Fittipaldi expressed his happiness and gratitude for the opportunity. He found the F1 car’s style to align perfectly with his driving approach, providing an impressive level of grip. Additionally, trying out Pirelli tires without the usual tire blankets was an interesting experience for him.

Haas Team Principal, Gunther Steiner, praised Fittipaldi’s unwavering dedication to the team since 2019. Despite having limited chances to drive the VF-23 during pre-season testing due to Nico Hulkenberg’s introduction to the team, Pietro’s commitment remained constant. Steiner acknowledged Fittipaldi’s victory in the LMP2 category of the WEC at Monza and emphasized that, as the reserve driver, Pietro would be the go-to option should any situation arise with their primary drivers.

Steiner admired Fittipaldi’s consistency and reliability, which the team’s engineers and Pirelli appreciated as well. Having Pietro around was seen as a positive factor, not only for his skills but also to keep him motivated and race-ready. The team recognized that he was an excellent race car driver, always sharp and prepared to step into an F1 car if the opportunity presented itself.

In conclusion, Pietro Fittipaldi’s impressive performance during the test and his ongoing commitment to the team highlighted his potential as a valuable asset for Haas F1. With his skills finely honed in both F1 and LMP2 racing, he was poised to seize any chance to demonstrate his talents on the Formula 1 stage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about sensational F1 test

What was Pietro Fittipaldi’s experience during the Haas F1 test at Silverstone?

Pietro Fittipaldi had a sensational experience during the Haas F1 test at Silverstone. It was his first time driving an F1 car, and he covered almost 700 kilometers, testing both dry and wet compounds for the 2024 season.

How did Pietro Fittipaldi prepare for the test, and what did he think of the F1 car’s performance?

Pietro prepared himself physically for the demanding laps by working hard since the previous year. He found the F1 car’s style perfectly suited to his driving approach, providing an impressive level of grip. He described the overall test as “very good” and “sensational.”

What is Pietro Fittipaldi’s role in the Haas F1 Team?

Pietro Fittipaldi serves as the Reserve Driver for the Haas F1 Team, ready to step in if any of the primary drivers encounter issues or are unavailable to race.

How did the Haas Team Principal, Gunther Steiner, praise Pietro Fittipaldi?

Gunther Steiner praised Fittipaldi’s unwavering commitment to the team since 2019. He commended Pietro’s consistency, reliability, and sharpness as a race car driver. The team appreciates his presence and preparedness to step into an F1 car when required.

Apart from F1, what other racing achievements did Pietro Fittipaldi have?

In addition to his F1 testing role, Pietro Fittipaldi achieved success in other racing categories, winning the LMP2 category in the WEC at Monza, showcasing his racing prowess and versatility.

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