Pierre Gasly Escapes Race Ban After Controversial Ocon Clash in the 2019 Australian GP

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After a red flag caused by Kevin Magnussen hitting the wall and ripping off his tire, Pierre Gasly was in 5th place for when the race restarted. However, he locked up into Turn 1 and barely missed colliding with Fernando Alonso. He drove onto the run-off but just passed Esteban Ocon who started 10th on the grid. It looked like Pierre moved a bit too close to Ocon, forcing him against the edge of the track.

Two Alpines were taken out of the race because they broke a rule from the FIA International Sporting Code. This was related to how they drove, so the officials had to call them in and talk to them about it.

There is a special code that says if someone causes an accident, makes the same mistakes over and over, or looks like they cannot control their car (like going off the track), the stewards will get involved and give out punishments. After talking to the stewards for five hours, they decided not to do anything to Gasly.

The damage to Pierre Gasly’s car, Alpine A523, on the flatbed truck avoids the possibility of banning him from a race due to 10 out of 12 points earned on his license.

The FIA checked what had happened on the first lap involving cars 10 and 31. They looked at the data, videos and in-car videos for evidence. Both drivers accepted that it had been a racing incident so no further action was taken.

Pierre Gasly has more points on his racing licence than former McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo and Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll. But if he gets a reprimand, he must wait for twelve months before his points come down. This means that Gasly may not be able to compete in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, since it was exactly one year ago that he collided with Stroll during the Spanish GP.

Gasly won’t be given any points taken away for what the rulebook said was dangerous driving. The rules are being changed so that not even big mistakes can stop someone from racing in a race.

The Haas F1 team is challenging the results of a recent race called the Australian GP.

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