Piastri Expresses Concerns about McLaren’s Performance at F1 British GP

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Oscar Piastri, the Australian racing driver, shared his apprehension about McLaren’s performance during the F1 British GP, fearing that they might experience a setback. Despite starting in the third position, Piastri fell behind Lewis Hamilton and ultimately finished fourth due to an ill-timed pit stop just before the deployment of the safety car.

Although Piastri felt disappointed to miss out on a podium finish, he found solace in the fact that both McLaren drivers managed to keep up with Max Verstappen for a significant portion of the race. He saw this as a promising sign, especially considering it was his first race with the team’s upgraded package. Piastri acknowledged that the performance was “not bad at all” and anticipated even more improvements in the future.

He eagerly mentioned the upcoming addition of a new front wing, similar to the one used by Lando Norris, which he found exciting. Piastri expressed satisfaction with the team’s current progress, emphasizing that they were still uncovering more potential. The upgrades had resulted in a considerable leap in race pace and a substantial improvement over one lap.

Piastri admitted that he had some reservations before the race, fearing that McLaren might experience setbacks similar to previous instances. However, he was pleasantly surprised that their performance was even stronger than in Austria. This filled him with excitement and relief, as he mentioned being content with fourth place instead of the disappointments they had faced earlier in the season.

When asked about his experience battling against Verstappen, Piastri described it as thrilling. He recalled the exhilaration of starting the race and realizing he had gained an advantage over others but had limited space to maneuver. However, the most exciting part for him was managing to stay close to Verstappen for several laps and throughout the race, as it demonstrated that their pace was competitive. Piastri was thrilled to be part of the second-quickest team and expressed his delight at reclaiming a prominent position.

Reflecting on missing out on a podium finish due to the safety car, Piastri expressed his disappointment. He believed that the team had executed their strategy flawlessly, creating a gap between them and the cars behind. However, they were unlucky to fall just one second short when the safety car was deployed. Despite the disappointment, Piastri expressed gratitude for being disappointed with fourth place rather than the struggles they had faced earlier in the season.

Source: Additional reporting by Matt Kew

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about McLaren’s Performance

Q: What were Oscar Piastri’s concerns about McLaren’s performance at the F1 British GP?

A: Oscar Piastri expressed concerns that McLaren might experience a setback during the race, similar to previous instances. However, he was pleasantly surprised by their strong performance, which exceeded expectations and showcased improved race pace compared to previous races.

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RacingEnthusiast July 10, 2023 - 8:21 am

McLaren got P4 in british gp. Piastri’s worried they might hav setback. But it’s promisin dat dey wer able to keep up with verstappen. Upgrades workin wel, more comin soon!

F1Fanatic July 10, 2023 - 4:22 pm

oscar piastri seems bit worrid bout mclaren performanc at brit gp. he fink they mite hav probz like b4. but turns out they did gud! race pace improvd a lot! excitin stuff!

SpeedDemon22 July 10, 2023 - 10:04 pm

Piastri wanted podium but finished 4th. Unlucky safety car timing. He still happy, tho. McLaren improvin! Can’t wait for the new front wing next race. Go McLaren!


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