Piastri Anticipated First F1 Accident to Occur Eventually

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The Australian racer had a promising weekend in Montreal leading up to his mishap, successfully advancing to the final qualifying round.

Regrettably, he collided with the barriers in the early stages of Q3, spinning out at Turn 8’s exit.

The incident momentarily suspended the session, resulting in Piastri finishing ninth quickest overall. However, he moved up one position following Carlos Sainz’s grid penalty.

When asked by F1 Flow.com to provide an overview of the incident, Piastri identified it as a basic throttle error, which slightly tainted what was overall a rather inspiring event.

“I believe it’s been a somewhat hopeful weekend,” he stated. “Most of the qualifying rounds went well, barring Q3.

“Even so, I’m uncertain about my potential in Q3.

“It’s my first substantial mistake, and the first crash was bound to happen eventually. I was overly aggressive on the throttle, and that was all.

“It’s an easy mistake to make, and clearly regrettable. I apologize to the mechanics who now have more work on their hands. However, overall, I’m still fairly content with how the weekend progressed.”

Oscar Piastri, McLaren

Photo by: Mark Sutton / F1 Flow Images

Before the Montreal event, Piastri spoke about the need to quicker reach his limit on race weekends, conceding that he may have been excessively cautious at times.

“I believe in general, especially at tracks like Saudi Arabia, Baku and Monaco, progressively reaching the limit throughout the weekend is beneficial because you find the limit at the right time and avoid crossing it,” he stated.

“This is something I’ve strived to do throughout my career. I try to be sensible during the races themselves, possibly overly cautious at times.

“I can certainly be more aggressive in certain aspects. However, as a newcomer to F1, I’m doing my best to gradually improve.

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“There have been some near misses and significant moments, but no crashes as yet. One day it will happen, but for now, I’m focused on slowly improving and making the most of my track time.”

When queried about the last time he had a significant crash, Piastri replied: “I’ve had a few spins in an F1 car, but the last time I collided with a wall or got stranded… yes, that was likely during Formula Renault in 2019 when I got caught in the gravel. So it’s been a while.”

Additional reporting by Adam Cooper and Ronald Vording

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Oscar Piastri F1 Crash

What happened to Oscar Piastri during the Montreal F1 race?

During the Montreal F1 race, Piastri had a crash early on in Q3 when he spun out on the exit of Turn 8. He blamed the incident on a simple throttle error.

Where did Piastri finish overall after his crash?

Despite the crash, Piastri finished ninth quickest overall in the race. He then moved up a spot to eighth after Carlos Sainz’s grid penalty.

How did Piastri feel about the weekend overall?

Despite the crash, Piastri remained upbeat about his performance, stating that the weekend had been “reasonably encouraging” and that most of the qualifying rounds had gone well.

What did Piastri say about the accident?

Piastri described the incident as a simple throttle error and stated that it was his first major mistake. He anticipated that a crash was bound to happen eventually as he was pushing his limits.

When was the last time Piastri had a significant crash before this?

Piastri mentioned that the last time he had a significant crash was during the Formula Renault in 2019, when he got stuck in the gravel.

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FastLaneLarry June 18, 2023 - 9:34 pm

oh man, Piatris first crash huh. kinda sad but it was bound to happen, right? all the best for the next race mate!

RacingRico June 19, 2023 - 2:58 am

Oscar seems to handle it well. All racers have their first crashes. What matters is bouncing back!

AussieF1Fan June 19, 2023 - 3:47 am

You’re doing us proud Piastri! keep pushing the limit, just don’t hit anymore barriers, lol

PetrolHeadPam June 19, 2023 - 5:27 am

It’s all part of the learning curve, aye? Seems like he took it on the chin pretty well… Keep going Oscar!

SilverArrowSteve June 19, 2023 - 7:37 am

wow, F1 is so intense. one wrong move and your car is totaled. gotta respect these guys out there pushing it to the max!


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