Perez: Szafnauer should have been given more time at Alpine F1

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Perez expressed that Szafnauer should have been allowed more time at the Alpine F1 Team.

After a recent disagreement with the company’s higher-ups over the required time to achieve success in F1, Szafnauer left Alpine following the Belgian Grand Prix. He believed that reaching Alpine’s goal would take until 2026, while the senior management insisted that success could be achieved much earlier.

This disagreement over the team’s long-term direction led to the decision for both parties to part ways immediately.

The sudden departure of Szafnauer, who had been with the team for just over a year, sent shockwaves through the paddock. It was particularly startling when the team also revealed the exit of its esteemed sporting director, Alan Permane.

Perez, a former colleague of Szafnauer at Racing Point, felt that the decision to part ways was hasty, considering the time it typically takes to build success in F1.

He expressed his surprise at Szafnauer’s sudden departure, stating his belief that Otmar’s potential had yet to be fully realized. Perez emphasized the importance of giving a person in such a critical position enough time, acknowledging Szafnauer’s past achievements with various budgets in other teams.

While many have shown sympathy for Szafnauer following his exit, not everyone agrees with his actions at the team.

Fernando Alonso, for instance, criticized the way Szafnauer managed contract talks and other issues, commenting on the slow pace and lack of finalization. He also seemed astonished by Szafnauer’s pride in his decisions, despite the lackluster results of Aston Martin and his own performance, suggesting that it would be best if he remained silent on the matter.

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Why did Otmar Szafnauer leave the Alpine F1 Team?

Otmar Szafnauer parted company with Alpine following a disagreement with the sportscar manufacturer’s bosses over the timeline needed for the team to win in F1. While Szafnauer believed it would take until 2026 for Alpine to reach its target, the company’s senior management thought it could be achieved much sooner. This led to a fundamental divergence in the vision for the team, resulting in the decision to separate immediately.

What was Perez’s reaction to Szafnauer’s departure?

Perez was surprised by Szafnauer’s departure and felt it was premature. He believed that Szafnauer needed more time to show his potential and emphasized the importance of giving someone in such a vital position enough time to build success in F1.

Who else left the Alpine F1 Team alongside Szafnauer?

Alongside Szafnauer, the team’s highly-rated sporting director Alan Permane was also announced to be leaving.

What did Fernando Alonso say about Szafnauer’s management?

Fernando Alonso criticized Szafnauer’s handling of contract talks and other matters, referring to the slow pace and lack of finalization. He was also critical of Szafnauer being proud of his decisions despite the underwhelming results, suggesting that he should remain quiet on the matter.

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F1Fanatic99 August 10, 2023 - 12:45 pm

Perez is right, success in F1 doesn’t come overnight. Alpine should’ve given more time. Sad to see.

James42 August 10, 2023 - 10:28 pm

Can’t believe they let Szafnauer go like that! Takes time to build a winning team. management seems impatient.

RacingGuru August 11, 2023 - 7:20 am

Confusing times at Alpine, first Szafnauer then Permane? Whoever steps in has got big shoes to fill! Hope it doesn’t hurt the teams performance to much.

AlonsoSupporter August 11, 2023 - 8:41 am

Well Alonso’s got a point too, doesn’t he. Szafnauer should’ve handled things better, not just Alpine but Aston Martin too. what’s going on??


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