Perez looks for F1 season “reset” but denies pressure claims

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Perez Seeks Reset in F1 Season, Dismisses Pressure Allegations

Following a series of impressive races, Perez encountered a disastrous weekend in Monaco, failing to score any points due to an early crash in Q1. Another qualifying error in Barcelona forced him to start from the back of the grid, although he managed to recover to fourth place in the race.

Previously within six points of his teammate Max Verstappen in the title battle, Perez now finds himself 53 points behind.

Expressing his mindset heading into the Canada weekend, Perez stated, “I essentially want to reset and start afresh. Monaco was essentially my fault—I made a significant mistake. Then in Barcelona, the qualifying conditions were challenging due to the damp track, which resulted in a poor performance, and we paid the price on Sunday. So, I’m looking forward to returning to the form we displayed earlier in the season.”

After Perez’s impressive comeback in Barcelona, team principal Christian Horner suggested that Perez had placed too much pressure on himself ahead of the Monaco race when the title battle became more intense. With the gap now widened again, Horner believes Perez will be able to relax.

However, Perez does not share the same viewpoint. He responded, “No, I don’t think so. I believe all of us need to perform at our best and ensure that we deliver. We have a fantastic car, and we should secure numerous podium finishes and victories throughout the remainder of the year. The competition is getting tougher each time, but we’ll give it our best shot.”

Perez acknowledged the need to match Verstappen’s performance and consistently deliver outstanding performances. He stated, “He has demonstrated his ability to perform when it matters, particularly in qualifying. He hasn’t had any poor weekends this year. That’s what I need to do as well—I can’t afford to have any more subpar weekends. I’ve had two or three already this season. So, I need to eliminate those and maintain a high level of consistency. Max has been exceptional in that regard.”

Perez admitted that his performance was notably lacking in Spain. “Barcelona was challenging. It was the only race where I struggled with the car throughout the entire weekend. Aside from that, I believe we had the pace to achieve a strong result in Monaco, but I made a mistake due to tailwinds and the presence of a car ahead. So, Barcelona was the only time we faced difficulties.”

When asked if Perez was pushing himself too hard, Verstappen advised the Mexican driver to focus solely on his own performance. Verstappen commented, “I find it difficult to comment on that because I don’t know what’s going on in his head. However, I’ve always learned from a young age that it’s better to concentrate on oneself and strive to do the best you can. After all, other factors are beyond your control. So, there’s no point in fixating on those aspects. That’s how I approach it. Throughout a season, there are always races that don’t go as planned or setbacks occur. It’s crucial to stay focused on the job, collaborate with the car and the engineers, and extract the maximum potential from the situation.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Formula 1 season reset

Q: What were Sergio Perez’s recent race setbacks in the Formula 1 season?

A: Sergio Perez encountered setbacks in the recent races. He had a crash in Q1 in Monaco, resulting in no points, and faced qualifying issues in Barcelona, starting from the back of the grid. However, he managed to recover to fourth place in the race.

Q: Is Sergio Perez feeling pressure in the title battle?

A: While Christian Horner suggested that Perez was under pressure before Monaco, Perez denies feeling pressure. He believes that everyone needs to perform at their best and deliver consistent results, given the competition is getting tougher.

Q: How does Sergio Perez plan to improve his performance?

A: Perez aims to reset and start afresh in the Formula 1 season. He acknowledges his mistakes in Monaco and Barcelona and looks forward to returning to the early season’s form. He emphasizes the need for consistency and eliminating any further subpar performances.

Q: What does Sergio Perez think about his teammate Max Verstappen’s performance?

A: Perez acknowledges Verstappen’s ability to deliver when it matters, especially in qualifying, and praises his consistent performances throughout the season. Perez recognizes the importance of matching Verstappen’s performance level and strives to achieve a similar level of consistency.

Q: Which race did Sergio Perez struggle with the most?

A: Perez faced difficulties in Barcelona. He struggled with the car throughout the entire weekend, which impacted his performance. However, he believes that apart from that race, he had the pace and potential for strong results in other races, such as Monaco.

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