Perez Criticizes F1’s Track Limits System Following Q2 Exit

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Sergio Perez expressed his frustration after failing to advance to Q3 at the Red Bull Ring due to not setting a clean lap during the session.

Throughout the session, Perez consistently exceeded the track limits, crossing the white lines on his first two runs. He found it unjust that he received a penalty on his final attempt, claiming that he had been disturbed by Alex Albon’s Williams.

“There are many factors within my control, but unfortunately, in this case, you’re on a promising lap and suddenly you encounter an obstruction, resulting in a penalty,” Perez voiced his discontent. “I believe the system is flawed. It’s frustrating that we lack an effective system to address these incidents.”

Aware of the importance of his final run, Perez believed he had everything under control until he encountered traffic.

“I was on a strong lap,” Perez explained. “However, unexpectedly, on my final lap, I encountered Albon, causing me to go off track. I couldn’t regain control. I estimate I lost a tenth or perhaps even more by going straight, but the stewards didn’t acknowledge that I was obstructed.”

Christian Horner, team principal of Red Bull, differed in his assessment and believed Perez should have taken fewer risks, considering he had one more opportunity to complete a lap.

“It was evident,” Horner expressed to Sky. “The frustrating aspect is that we know he is capable of it. He set a 1m04.9s lap time, just three hundredths off Max. He could have been four tenths slower and still made it through.”

Regarding the potential impact of traffic on Perez’s performance, Horner remarked, “Having a car ahead undoubtedly doesn’t help, but you factor in a bit more margin. Checo is understandably frustrated, but he will move on. He’ll race fiercely tomorrow. It’s just disappointing because we know he had the potential to succeed.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about track limits system

Q: Why did Sergio Perez fail to make it into Q3 at the Red Bull Ring?

A: Sergio Perez failed to make it into Q3 at the Red Bull Ring due to not setting a clean lap during the session. He exceeded the track limits on multiple occasions and also felt that he had been disturbed by the Williams of Alex Albon on his final attempt. These factors contributed to his disappointing performance.

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RacingEnthusiast87 July 1, 2023 - 3:25 pm

unfair penaltys! perez was right, the system is wrong. how can they penalize him when he got blocked? not fair at all! f1 needs to fix this!


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