Perez and Bottas Banned from Starting F1 Australian Grand Prix at the Pitlane

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Bottas and Perez will start the race in Melbourne on Sunday from the back of the starting grid, due to them qualifying in 19th and 20th positions. Their teams have decided to make adjustments to their suspension for the race and Red Bull is also replacing Perez’s car battery and its controlling computer parts.

Perez has used two extra special power unit parts for the 2023 race, even though the rule permits only two of each. Because he was supposed to start at the back anyway, he can now use these additional parts without getting a big penalty. But, according to article 40.3 of this year’s rules, he was not allowed to do so without permission from the FIA technical delegate.

After getting approved by the FIA technical delegate for a written request, there have been changes to car number 11’s suspension set-up. This means that the car must now start the race from the pit lane as it is against Formula One Sporting Regulations. Bottas has also made similar changes which put him in breach of parc ferme rules and so he must also start from the pitlane.

Red Bull replaced the tires in front of Sergio Perez’s car after he had problems with braking on Saturday. The new tires were allowed under the racing rules, so it wasn’t a penalty for Perez.

Perez said it was difficult to drive because of these brakes. He described it as feeling like he couldn’t control his car when he tried to brake.

“There’s something that is causing our brakes to be really hard to push. We are going to try and fix it with our team tomorrow so that we can continue racing without doing too much damage.”

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