Ocon Praises Ryan Reynolds as an Inspirational Investor in Alpine F1

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Esteban Ocon, a member of the Alpine F1 team, expressed his admiration for Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, who recently joined the team as an investor. Ocon shared that he had already been in contact with Reynolds and was excited to visit him on the set of the upcoming Deadpool 3 film in London.

Reynolds, along with his colleagues Rob McElhenney and Michael B. Jordan, form a consortium of three US-based entities that collectively acquired a 24% stake in the Alpine team.

When asked about the team’s new Hollywood connections by F1 Flow.com, Ocon expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I think it’s fantastic. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had a conversation with Ryan on Tuesday. We exchanged a couple of WhatsApp messages.”

He further revealed that during his time in the simulator, he took a picture and sent it to Reynolds, who appreciated the gesture. Ocon shared, “I welcomed him to the team, and he responded by saying, ‘Hi Esteban, I’m very much looking forward to learning from you and meeting you.’ We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, and we continued texting on WhatsApp. It was really good.”

Expanding on their initial contact, Ocon mentioned that Reynolds had invited him to the set of the Deadpool movie in London, an offer Ocon eagerly accepted. Ocon, being a massive fan of comics and Marvel, considered Reynolds as an inspiration both in his acting career and his entrepreneurial ventures.

Expressing his anticipation, Ocon said, “I’m really looking forward to meeting him and having a proper chat.”

Acknowledging Reynolds’ successful endeavors, particularly his involvement with Welsh football club Wrexham, Ocon praised him as an asset to the team. Ocon recognized the expertise and knowledge that Reynolds and his team would bring to the Alpine F1 team, emphasizing their dedication to progressing in all areas, aside from the car’s performance.

Regarding the impact of the investment on the team, Ocon mentioned that the additional funding would help improve the factory facilities and infrastructure. He emphasized the team’s ambition to compete for podium finishes and victories as soon as possible, highlighting their proactive approach.

“We want to fight for these positions as quickly as possible,” Ocon affirmed, referencing their refusal to let Ferrari pass them in Monaco when they finished third, indicating their determination to excel.

In conclusion, Ocon acknowledged the positive influence of Reynolds and the other investors, recognizing their expertise and commitment to driving the team forward in various aspects, ultimately aiming for success on and off the track.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about investor

Who are the investors in Alpine F1?

The investors in Alpine F1 include Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, and Michael B. Jordan, who form a consortium of US-based entities.

How did Esteban Ocon connect with Ryan Reynolds?

Esteban Ocon connected with Ryan Reynolds through a conversation on WhatsApp. They exchanged messages and Reynolds even invited Ocon to visit him on the set of the Deadpool 3 film in London.

What does Esteban Ocon admire about Ryan Reynolds?

Esteban Ocon admires Ryan Reynolds not only for his acting career but also for his skills as a businessman. Ocon finds Reynolds inspiring in both aspects and looks forward to meeting him and having a chat.

How will the investors contribute to Alpine F1?

The investors, including Ryan Reynolds, bring their expertise and knowledge to the Alpine F1 team. While their impact may not directly affect the car’s performance, they will assist in improving other aspects such as infrastructure and facilities.

What are the goals of the Alpine F1 team?

The Alpine F1 team aims to progress quickly and compete for podium finishes and victories. They are dedicated to pushing forward in all areas and utilizing the expertise of their investors to achieve success.

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SpeedDemon June 29, 2023 - 3:10 pm

Ocon’s excitin’ to meet Reynolds and chat about racin’ and comics. Reynolds sure knows how to make an impact on and off the screen. Can’t wait to see what they accomplish together!

InvestorInsight June 29, 2023 - 5:53 pm

Reynolds and his team bringin’ their expertise to Alpine F1, that’s a smart move. The investors’ knowledge in sports and business can really help the team excel. Good luck to ’em!

racingfan23 June 29, 2023 - 9:58 pm

ocon and reynolds chattin on whatsapp, that’s awesome! can’t wait to see the deadpool 3 movie now, gonna be epic!

MarvelousMax June 30, 2023 - 7:55 am

Ocon meeting Ryan Reynolds on the set of Deadpool 3? That’s gonna be amazin’! Reynolds is such an inspirin’ actor and businessman, can’t wait for them to have a chat!

F1Fanatic June 30, 2023 - 8:06 am

Reynolds, McElhenney, and Jordan joinin’ Alpine F1, that’s some serious star power! Hope their investment helps Alpine improve their facilities and get ’em fightin’ for podiums real quick!


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