Ocon Criticizes “Suicidal” F1 Driving Standards After Re-start Crash

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Gasly was fifth for the second restart but he locked his wheels when passing Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin. That meant that he skidded onto the gravel area and came back onto the track beside Ocon (who had started in 10th place) which then resulted in them crashing into each other and ending their race.

The race was stopped and lots of other drivers got their positions back. However, the Alpines were too bad damaged to keep racing. Ocon told Gasly that there were no hard feelings between them, as it could have happened to anyone. In short, there’s nothing personal here – any number of cars could have caused this crash.

Pierre drove his car back on the track, which was okay because he apologized for it. At the final restart when it was dark, Ocon noticed some drivers didn’t have very good driving skills.

At the start of the race, Charles Leclerc (SF-23 Ferrari), Alex Albon (FW45 Williams), Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon (both in A523 Alpine) were there along with other racers. Mark Sutton/F1Flow Images captured this moment.

During this race, Nyck de Vries got insulted by Esteban Ocon who said he was ‘suicidal’ as he went into the first corner. However, it was Yuki Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri that had lunged on Ocon’s inside; De Vries stayed further back and was bumped by Logan Sargeant’s Williams.

Ocon said that it was hard to see because the light was lower, and some drivers were driving too dangerously around Turn 1. He mentioned Nyck in particular who tried to gain an advantage by taking a risk, but he was “a little bit too much for some drivers.” Gasly did not answer any questions from the media after the race because he was very disappointed.

He said: “It was surprising to be up against one Ferrari, with Fernando and [Lewis] Hamilton both competing the whole race.

“I felt really good and in control of the car, so that’s a really nice feeling.

The red flag at the end didn’t make up for anything.

I’m just very sad that they finished before me.”

The accident between Gasly and Ocon is being looked at. Since Gasly has two penalty points, he could be forced to miss out on the Azerbaijan race due to a punishment.

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