Norris: Quicker McLaren F1 car still doesn’t suit my driving style

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Lando Norris of McLaren has indicated that even though the team’s F1 car has improved with the first part of its eagerly-awaited upgrade package introduced at the Austrian GP, it still doesn’t align with his driving style. Despite benefiting from these updates and securing second place in both the British and Hungarian Grands Prix, Norris states that he’s still struggling with the car’s handling.

He shares this sentiment with his teammate, Oscar Piastri, and recalls similar comments from last year’s driver, Daniel Ricciardo. Norris explains the car requires a driving style that doesn’t play to his strengths. Specifically, he wants to carry minimal speed through corners and navigate them in a ‘U’ shape, but the car forces him to ‘V’ the corners, which he dislikes.

Discussing the car’s strengths, Norris highlights its straight-line braking ability, especially in wet conditions, as seen in Monaco. However, he emphasizes that the car doesn’t excel in cornering or straight-line speed. The McLaren vehicle’s driving characteristics force the drivers to adhere to a specific line and driving method, regardless of varying conditions, a style that Norris admits he still needs to adapt to.

Slow-speed corners remain a weakness for McLaren, an issue Norris acknowledges is not unique to the team but has been a longstanding problem for them. The car’s performance in high-speed corners is satisfactory, but the combination of slow-speed cornering with the current tires is a challenge.

When asked about potential solutions, Norris points to aerodynamics but also emphasizes the need to consider mechanical balance. He suggests that it’s not just about equating their aerodynamic load with top-performing teams like Red Bull but also about integrating tricks and strategies to enhance low-speed performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword McLaren’s F1 car handling

What improvements were made to the McLaren F1 car?

The team released the first part of its anticipated upgrade package at the Austrian GP, benefiting from updates that allowed Norris to finish second in both the British and Hungarian GPs.

Does the upgraded McLaren F1 car suit Lando Norris’s driving style?

No, Norris insists that the car’s handling doesn’t align with his personal driving style, forcing him to drive in a way that isn’t to his strengths or preference.

What are the strengths of the current McLaren F1 car?

One of the strengths of the car is its straight-line braking, particularly under wet conditions. This quality builds tire temperature and confidence, making the car quick in wet conditions when braking is crucial.

What are the weaknesses of the McLaren F1 car?

The car’s weaknesses include poor performance in slow-speed corners and the necessity to drive in one specific way, which doesn’t gel with Norris’s preferred style. The issue has persisted over the last five years.

How does Norris propose to address the car’s handling issues?

Norris believes that addressing the issues is not solely about aerodynamics but also about considering the mechanical balance of the car. He emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach that integrates various strategies to enhance low-speed performance.

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