Norris Expresses Concern Over Potential Repeat of ‘Stupid and Selfish’ Silverstone F1 Protest

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Last year’s Silverstone race saw a red flag on the opening lap due to Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo flipping on the way to Turn 1.

Fortunately, this pause in the race provided a respite as members of the Just Stop Oil group attempted to access the Wellington Straight while the cars were traveling at reduced speeds.

In the year following this incident, protesters associated with the group disrupted the Snooker World Championship, the Rugby Premiership final, and the recent second Ashes cricket test.

When asked about the possibility of a repeat interruption this year, Norris expressed his concern. He stated, “There is a genuine concern over it, without a doubt. Putting yourself and your life in danger amidst cars racing around is a foolish act.”

“At the same time,” Norris continued, “it’s a self-centered action considering the potential consequences for the driver involved. However, it’s not my area of expertise, and everyone has the right to protest. There are better and worse ways of doing so.”

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Lewis Hamilton recently voiced his support for the cause of the protesting group. He emphasized the importance of conducting any protest during the British Grand Prix in a responsible manner, a sentiment echoed by Norris.

Norris added, “I believe that is crucial. I don’t want to see it as a cause for concern. I trust that Silverstone will take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents.”

“I simply hope that individuals are wise enough to refrain from repeating such actions. There are plenty of other, safer methods to garner attention and achieve their objectives.”

“In a way, I support their cause, as long as it is pursued in the right manner. I genuinely hope a track invasion does not occur again, as it not only affects the individuals involved but also imposes significant consequences on others who may get caught up in it.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Silverstone F1 protest

What happened during last year’s Silverstone race?

Last year’s Silverstone race had a red flag on the opening lap after Zhou Guanyu flipped his Alfa Romeo on the way to Turn 1.

Who attempted to interrupt the race at Silverstone?

Members of the group called Just Stop Oil were attempting to access the Wellington Straight during the race while the cars were traveling at reduced speeds.

Which events have been interrupted by the protesters?

In the year following the incident at Silverstone, the protesters from the group have interrupted the Snooker World Championship, the Rugby Premiership final, and the recent second Ashes cricket test.

What is Norris’s concern regarding the protest?

Norris expresses concern over the potential repeat of the protest at this year’s Silverstone race, highlighting the dangers involved and the impact it has on the drivers’ safety.

What is Norris’s stance on the protest?

While acknowledging everyone’s right to protest, Norris considers the actions of the protesters as both stupid and selfish. He hopes for a safer and more responsible approach to demonstrations.

What is Lewis Hamilton’s opinion on the protest?

Lewis Hamilton supports the cause of the protesters but urges them to protest in the right way, echoing Norris’s call for a responsible approach.

How does Norris view the possibility of a track invasion at the British Grand Prix?

Norris hopes that people will refrain from such actions and believes that Silverstone will take necessary measures to prevent them. He emphasizes the negative consequences for both the protesters and those who could be caught up in it.

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