Nico Hulkenberg gears up for Full Ferrari F1 Sim Programme

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The Haas driver hasn’t raced full-time since 2019, but he still kept himself sharp by being a backup and practice driver for the Racing Point/Aston Martin team in the past three years. He’s even taken part in 4 races during this time.

He has recently gotten a new opportunity with Haas and took advantage of it to try out Ferrari’s simulator facilities. He was so impressed that he decided to use the simulator every couple of weeks or so until the middle of the year.

Hulkenberg said that using a simulator can be really useful, especially in winter! It helps you to get a clear picture of car set-up and driving requirements.

“We usually do a bit of everything when we come here to prepare for the races,” Nico said. “There are lots of things that can be done in this time and all these possibilities in the simulation make it even better.”

Nico Hulkenberg knows exactly where to find the simulator seat at Maranello, which is a place where his team goes to get ready for races.

The boss of the Haas team, Gunther Steiner, said that they made a deal for using Ferrari’s simulator and not everyone is interested in getting on it. He also stated that they get a certain amount of days to access the simulator just like last year when asked about Hulkenberg’s running.

Hulkenberg is excited to use a simulator in order to get ready for the race weekend since it’s his first time driving this car. We’re doing more research to make sure the simulator will be able to help him properly by seeing how much the two match up. You should only do this if he’s still interested and willing, otherwise it makes no sense to do it.

Nico is really motivated to drive because it helps him learn new things.

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