Moto2 Teams Summoned to Emergency Meeting Over Alarming Bike Issue at COTA Grand Prix

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At the Circuit of the Americas, there were lots more bikes that stopped working than in the Portugal and Argentina grand prix. On Saturday, at least 7 riders were affected by these bike shutdowns. One of the most noticeable cases was Ai Ogura’s when he was coming around the last curve.

Right behind him was Jake Dixon, who almost crashed into a Japanese rider. It’s known that Marcos Ramirez, Aron Canet and Ogura also got disconnected from their bikes.

Triumph, the company that makes engines for the intermediate category of motorsports, called a meeting about the worries people have in their garages. The representatives from all teams in this category attended, and also someone from IRTA (the International Race Teams’ Association) and Dorna (the promoter for MotoGP). Magnetti Marelli was also there as they provide electronic equipment for the same sport. Aron Canet from Pons Racing was one of the participants too.

At the meeting, we weren’t exactly sure what was causing the issue, but we agreed to put in a smaller structure between the electric regulator and the engine that should prevent it from getting too hot. This is only a temporary fix though and we plan to keep looking into what the real problem is.

The team manager of one of the Moto2 teams told F1Flow.com that nobody is certain about why this is happening. There are various theories, though. It could be because of the strong vibrations from the engines which go 400 revolutions per minute faster than usual. Or it could be due to Austin’s bumpy roads or even too much heat which melts a switch inside that causes the bikes to stop suddenly.

One of the technicians said that the situation could be very dangerous. He worries about what might happen if someone’s bike stops in the middle of a straight or even when riding with a group. We need to make sure that nothing bad happens.

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