Mercedes Struggles During Hungary F1 Practice

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In the second practice session at the Hungaroring, Mercedes faced difficulties, leaving seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton in 16th place and his teammate George Russell at the bottom of the timesheets. The team chose a different strategy, using only one set of mediums throughout the session.

Hamilton expressed his disappointment with the performance of his W14 car, describing it as the worst he had experienced. Despite this, he remained hopeful that adjustments to the car’s setup, similar to what happened last year, could turn things around for the team.

Russell had a more positive outlook, acknowledging that Mercedes typically faces challenges on Fridays but improves as the weekend progresses. He believed that the lap times didn’t truly reflect their potential, given their unique program and the use of used tires from the previous session.

Russell pointed out that improvements should focus on better tire management, both for qualifying and race performance. He emphasized the need to find the optimal window for tire performance, whether it required adjustments to the out-laps or managing tire temperatures during the race.

Despite a challenging day, both drivers were optimistic about Mercedes’ ability to rebound and perform better in the upcoming days of the race weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 practice

Q: What was Mercedes’ performance during the Hungary F1 practice sessions?

A: Mercedes faced challenges during the Hungary F1 practice sessions, with Lewis Hamilton finishing 16th and George Russell at the bottom of the timesheets. Both drivers used only one set of mediums, and the car felt subpar.

Q: How did Lewis Hamilton and George Russell feel about the car’s performance?

A: Lewis Hamilton described the car as being at its worst and not feeling good. George Russell, on the other hand, felt the car didn’t perform too badly, considering their unique program and using used tires from the previous session.

Q: What are Mercedes’ expectations for the upcoming sessions?

A: The team plans to work on the car’s setup and make improvements overnight, hoping for a better performance in the following sessions. They have experienced similar challenges on Fridays before, with improvements typically seen over the course of the race weekend.

Q: What areas does George Russell think need improvement?

A: George Russell believes better tire management is essential, both for qualifying and race performance. The team needs to find the right tire window for optimal grip and performance.

Q: Are Hamilton and Russell optimistic about Mercedes’ performance?

A: Despite the challenges, both drivers are optimistic about Mercedes’ ability to bounce back. They believe that Saturday and Sunday sessions tend to be better and expect an improved performance in the upcoming days.

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RacerDude89 July 22, 2023 - 2:08 am

man, that was a tough day for mercedes in hungary f1 prac… cars at their worst, hamilton finishing 16th, not good at all 🙁 hope they fig out the setup probs and do betta!

F1Fanatic44 July 22, 2023 - 11:02 am

not a good start for merc in hungary! hamilton’s car feelin’ horrible, oh no! but he’s stayin’ hopeful for tomorrow. let’s hope they can get it sorted and come back strong!

RaceFanatic23 July 22, 2023 - 6:17 pm

ha! merc cars feelin’ bleh in hungary prac, but russell sees silver linings, thinkin’ they’ll get betta later. tire management key, huh? fingers crossed they improve!

SpeedDemon21 July 22, 2023 - 6:30 pm

hmph! mercedes strugglin’ in hungary practice? that’s not what i expected! but russell bein’ positive, sayin’ they’ll get betta. let’s see if they can turn it around!

PodiumChaser July 22, 2023 - 7:50 pm

whoa, mercedes strugglin’ on a friday? that’s odd! hamilton not happy with the car, but they worked miracles last year. let’s see if they can do it again. c’mon, merc!


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