Mercedes Making Key Suspension Adjustments to Help Hamilton’s ‘Disconnect’ Problem

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Hamilton said the car he was driving in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix felt a bit off, and explained that it might be due to the fact that his car’s cockpit was too far forward.

Mercedes wants to find some solutions by taking all of April (the days between now and when they go to Azerbaijan for the next Grand Prix) and using this time to work on their W14 F1 car’s mechanical features along with making large changes to its aerodynamics.

We’re doing our best in the wind tunnel to increase downforce, he explained in a team video when asked about plans for the break between races. We will also keep working hard in the drawing office to turn all the findings from the wind tunnel into something we can use on the track.

We will be working in the drawing office, designing some new suspension parts for a car. We believe that these components could improve the car’s balance and make it easier to drive, enabling drivers to push the car closer to its limits.

We’re doing simulations and routines to make sure our car is ready for the upcoming race, so that when we get to the track, it will be right where it needs to be. Allison pointed out that tuning the sim correctly is very important for Azerbaijan because we have a shortened weekend with no time between practice and qualifying.

James Allison, the Technical Director of Mercedes AMG said that teams will be rewarded for arriving to sprint races already prepared. Since these races are very short, it is important to have everything ready right when you arrive so that you can do well and have a successful showing. He hopes they can do this in Baku in just a couple of weeks.

Allison was pleased with the great results of the Australian GP, as George Russell qualified second and Lewis Hamilton finished in that same position. However, their success was dampened when George’s car broke down due to a power unit fault. She said they were happy with how far the car and performance have come, but they are probably getting as good as it can get right now.

We only got one car to the finish but George, who was doing really well up to that point, didn’t get the chance to show how great he is. We didn’t make huge improvements, but we did make some progress and now we are pretty much keeping up with the Red Bulls and maybe even getting a bit ahead of the Ferraris and Aston Martins.

When someone asked if his team would be able to repeat their excellent performance from the last race in Australia at the upcoming one, the man (Allison) said it’s hard to say since the two races will present different difficulties. He explained that although Melbourne was front-heavy, meaning it put a lot of pressure on the car’s front axle, Baku will be more rear-heavy which means its challenges are different.

We think that our car can make the trip from Melbourne to Baku and still do well in the competition, but we won’t know for sure until we actually get there and race it.

It’s too soon to make any deductions about Aston Martin’s F1 team form.

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