Mercedes Contemplating Shifting Entire Attention to 2024 F1 Car, Leaving Behind the “Diva 2.0”

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In the fierce competition behind Red Bull during the British Grand Prix, Mercedes, the German auto giant, was outperformed by McLaren, with Lewis Hamilton unable to surpass Lando Norris to secure the second position.

An extensive revamp of the W14 that was unveiled at the Monaco Grand Prix seemed to offer the boost in performance the team believed necessary to secure victories. However, the initial promise has not translated into sustained progress.

As Mercedes appears to be entrenched in the race behind Red Bull, there’s increasing consensus within the team that they cannot implement the desired alterations to the W14, which they believe is crucial to bridging the gap with the leaders.

Consequently, team leader Toto Wolff is suggesting that the time may be approaching for Mercedes to concede that its future would be better served by directing all resources towards a significant redesign expected for the upcoming season.

When queried by F1 regarding when this decision would be made, Wolff indicated, “I think pretty soon. We have no choice.

“The implications of coming in second or third don’t substantially affect me or the team. It’s about regaining the ability to win a world championship. That’s not feasible this year.

“We need to fix our gaze on next year and learn and grow from all upcoming races, ensuring we carry that forward into next year.

“However, considering the regulations remain the same, it’s not as if we’re gaining no insights by persisting with this car. It’s a delicate balance that we need to strike right.”

Even though McLaren’s remarkable progress this season has underscored the potential for significant improvements, Mercedes doesn’t anticipate a similar leap in the near future.

Wolff suggested that the limitations imposed by the cost cap and restrictions on wind tunnel use mean his team can only implement some minor enhancements for the rest of the season.

“We are bound by the cost cap and by the relatively less amount of wind tunnel and CFD time that McLaren was able to utilize,” he clarified.

“Having placed further back in the championship and being around fifth or sixth mid-season, they carried over a larger wind tunnel time allocation. This makes our task somewhat challenging.

“Do I believe that we have updates that will drastically transform the car? I don’t think so. But there are a few minor improvements to come. A tenth or two or three can make a significant difference to grid positioning.”

Mercedes’ acknowledgement that their focus will soon need to transition towards 2024 follows a British GP weekend in which the team had high hopes of an impressive performance, with the high-speed contours of Silverstone seemingly an ideal match for the car. However, McLaren outshone them on the track.

Wolff remains confident that the team can still secure a victory against Verstappen at some point, but concedes it won’t be straightforward. Particularly, he believes the current car is more challenging for his drivers compared to the infamous 2017 W08, which was dubbed the ‘Diva’.

Wolff added: “I anticipated that Silverstone would be our best opportunity based on our historical performance, but it wasn’t. Maybe another track with altered car characteristics will provide us the best chance.

“I maintain that we can outperform Max, as we have a strong team and the best drivers.

“We simply need to provide them with a more predictable car, not the Diva 2.0, which is substantially more complex than its predecessor.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mercedes 2024 F1 car redesign

What decision is Mercedes F1 team considering about its future focus?

Mercedes is contemplating shifting its entire attention and resources towards the anticipated fundamental redesign of its car for the 2024 F1 season.

Why is Mercedes considering this shift of focus?

Mercedes is considering this shift due to its inability to make desired improvements to the current W14 car, which they believe is essential to close the performance gap with leading competitors.

What are the limitations faced by Mercedes in improving their current car?

Mercedes faces limitations imposed by the cost cap and wind tunnel restrictions, which only allow for minor enhancements to be implemented over the remainder of the season.

What has been the performance of the Mercedes F1 team this season?

Mercedes has been trailing behind Red Bull and McLaren, with their car, the “Diva 2.0”, unable to provide the competitive edge needed to secure victories.

What does Toto Wolff believe about the future prospects of the team?

Toto Wolff, the team boss, believes that while the team can learn from the performance of their current car, it’s more advantageous to focus their resources on the significant redesign expected for the next season.

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