Mercedes Boss Wolff: Shape F1 Rules with Precision of a ‘Stanley Knife’ Not a ‘Baseball Bat’

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Recently, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali suggested that free practice sessions during race weekends should be removed. Other drivers and officials have also supported this idea by saying they would like to replace Saturday’s FP2 session with a separate qualifying round where everyone competes against each other.

While Wolff said F1’s popularity should be the main goal, he suggested that it should stay closer to its traditional setup. He argued against making drastic changes like using a baseball bat and instead advocated for more precise adjustments like using a Stanley knife. The Austrian went on to say that everyone shares the same goal of further developing and growing audiences for F1.

We just need to figure out what’s the best way forward.

I am more traditional, so I prefer races that last longer, with great rewards at the end.

However, we should be open-minded because some of those shorter races have been really cool.

Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of Formula 1, wants to make sure that people like what he does. He’ll have all the data he needs to figure out what’s good for everyone. He wants to tweak things but only in a precise way – not too wild but careful and thoughtful like using a knife instead of a baseball bat.

People held meetings during the Australian GP weekend to try and add a second qualifying session for the Azerbaijan race. But because the normal Chinese event wasn’t taking place, many people were away on vacation and Pirelli (the tire company) needs more time to produce enough tires. Therefore, it’s likely that the new sprint structure will be introduced in Austria instead which takes place in July.

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Wolf was asked about his opinion about running two separate qualifying sessions during a short race weekend. He said that having two separate qualifying sessions would not be bad in itself, but the current format is not able to support it due to limited engine mileage and the lack of sufficient tires from Pirelli.

During the qualifying race, it’s less likely to crash your car because it is shorter than usual. However, if you have two races in a row, like with Miami, then things could be more dangerous since you will need to buy new parts for the crashed car quickly.

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