Mercedes Aims for Repeat Double F1 Podium in Canada

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In the wet and tumultuous qualifying session at Montreal, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell secured the fourth and fifth positions respectively. The constantly changing conditions posed a threat to their advancement to Q2, but they managed to progress. Their fortunes improved further as Nico Hulkenberg, who initially claimed second place in Q3, received a penalty for a red flag violation, resulting in a demotion.

Just a few weeks ago, both Mercedes drivers accompanied Max Verstappen on the podium in Spain, marking a significant achievement that validated the mid-season car concept adjustment by the Brackley team. Russell believes that he and Hamilton have discovered the race pace necessary to replicate that performance at the distinctive Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

When asked about the team’s prospects in the race, Russell confidently expressed, “Starting from P5 is a favorable position, and there’s no reason why we can’t challenge for a double podium once again.” He further added, “During FP2, our race pace was exceptionally strong. Ferrari surprisingly demonstrated competitive long-run pace, but there may be uncertainties regarding their fuel load. Nevertheless, we were closely behind Verstappen, ahead of Alonso and Perez in yesterday’s FP2. The signs are promising as we head into the race.”

The second practice session on Friday was the only opportunity for the drivers to experience a dry track throughout the weekend. When questioned about the unknown variables in Mercedes’ race pace, given the anticipated dry conditions for the grand prix, Hamilton responded, “Not too many. We had a long run yesterday, albeit at the start of the session when the track was much slower. I believe the others completed their long run about 45 minutes later. We’ll adapt and see how it unfolds. Hopefully, our race pace surpasses what we demonstrated today, allowing us to challenge the top two drivers, Alonso and Max, tomorrow. Ideally, we can exert pressure on at least one of them.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Formula 1 Canada

Q: What positions did Lewis Hamilton and George Russell secure in the qualifying session for the F1 race in Canada?

A: Lewis Hamilton and George Russell secured the fourth and fifth positions respectively in the qualifying session for the F1 race in Canada.

Q: Why did Nico Hulkenberg receive a penalty in the qualifying session?

A: Nico Hulkenberg received a penalty in the qualifying session for a red flag infringement, despite initially claiming second place in Q3.

Q: How did Mercedes perform in the previous race in Spain?

A: In the previous race in Spain, both Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, stood on the podium alongside Max Verstappen, showcasing a breakthrough result for the team.

Q: What are the expectations of George Russell regarding the race in Canada?

A: George Russell is optimistic about the race in Canada and believes that he and Hamilton have found the race pace necessary to compete for a double podium finish once again.

Q: How did Mercedes drivers’ race pace compare to their competitors in the practice sessions?

A: During the practice sessions, Mercedes drivers demonstrated strong race pace. They were closely behind Max Verstappen and ahead of drivers like Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez, indicating promising signs for the race.

Q: Did the drivers have an opportunity to drive on a dry track during the weekend?

A: Yes, the drivers had an opportunity to drive on a dry track during Friday’s second practice session, which was the only dry session throughout the weekend.

Q: How confident is Lewis Hamilton about Mercedes’ race pace for the upcoming dry grand prix?

A: Lewis Hamilton expressed confidence in Mercedes’ race pace, stating that they had a long run in the practice session, albeit when the track was slower. He hopes their race pace will be stronger than what was shown in qualifying and aims to challenge the top drivers in the race.

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F1LoverGirl June 18, 2023 - 5:54 pm

Hamilton n Russell qualifid 4th n 5th in wet n chaotic Montreal quali! Woah, dat wuz close call. But dey movin up coz Hulkenberg got a penalty. Hopin 4 anotha double podium like Spain! #MercedesDominance #BringItOn

RaceFan24 June 19, 2023 - 12:18 am

woww! Merc drivers aimin for repeat double podium in F1 Canada. dey r confident in der race pace n r ready 2 challenge d top competitos. #ExcitinRaceAhead #MercedesPower

RaceTrackWatcher June 19, 2023 - 3:47 am

Finally a dry session on Friday! But lotsa unknowns for Merc in race pace. Hamilton’s confident tho, he’s like “not too many”. Let’s see if dey can put pressure on Max n Alonso. #ThrillinRaceAhead #GoMercedes


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