Mercedes admits F1 upgrade ‘rush’ prompted some worries

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German car manufacturer, Mercedes, acknowledged that the accelerated development of their Formula 1 upgrade instigated some worries, despite demonstrating significant progress at the Spanish Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton and George Russell secured the second and third spots, following the race winner Max Verstappen.

The potential of the revised vehicle, equipped with new sidepods, front suspension, and floor, was evident as the team eyes to make further advancements to bridge the gap with Red Bull.

Mercedes’ chief, Wolff, emphasized the need for the design team to take a moment to understand the current enhancements before diving into more modifications.

In a discussion with F1 about enhancing the car’s performance, Wolff confessed that speeding up the upgrades had raised some queries that required resolution.

He hinted that the fast pace at which Mercedes decided to bring in the modifications resulted in a lack of detailed analysis that would typically accompany more regular updates.

“We must persistently strive for improvement, not just in terms of speed, but in understanding our model,” Wolff commented.

“We’ve hurried through certain processes in the past two months, which did give us some concern as it was somewhat bypassing the usual procedures. But so far, the risk has been worth it.”

Mark Sutton / F1 Flow Images captured a celebratory moment with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, both from Mercedes-AMG, claiming second and third positions respectively, on the podium.

Wolff further cautioned against complacency, indicating that Mercedes shouldn’t take their potential in the Spanish GP as guaranteed evidence of beating Red Bull.

Although optimistic that the current situation deviates from the prior year, when progress in the Spanish GP did not translate to subsequent races, Wolff is not ready to prematurely celebrate just yet.

“We have to control our own expectations,” he cautioned. “We were truly disappointed after Spanish GP qualifying because we thought P2/P3 was achievable, but it wasn’t.”

“I don’t want to go to Canada thinking we have another second and third place in the bag because it could just as easily be a fifth and sixth. There is more we need to comprehend.”

Hamilton, however, remains confident that their performance in Spain is a reliable indicator of Mercedes’ standing, although they still have a stiff competition from Aston Martin and Ferrari.

“People usually say if you’re fast in Barcelona, you’ll generally do well everywhere else, and I think we’ll perform well in the upcoming races,” he asserted.

“There will be instances when Aston Martin or Ferrari may outpace us. But our race pace remains our strong suit, just as it was last year.”

“Over the course of this weekend, we’ve gained a better understanding of our car. I think we can rely on this strength in the future. We just need to boost the overall performance of the car a bit more to catch up with Red Bull,” Hamilton concluded.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mercedes F1 Upgrade

What recent progress has Mercedes made in Formula 1?

Mercedes has recently developed a significant upgrade to their F1 car, which has demonstrated a notable step forward in form at the Spanish Grand Prix. Drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finished in the second and third positions, respectively, with this upgraded car.

What modifications were made to the upgraded Mercedes F1 car?

The Mercedes F1 car was revamped with new sidepods, a front suspension, and a new floor. These improvements aimed at enhancing the performance of the car and closing the gap with Red Bull.

What was the concern of Mercedes’ chief, Wolff, regarding the upgrades?

Wolff was worried about the fast pace at which Mercedes brought in the modifications. The speed by which they committed to these changes meant that the team couldn’t conduct as much analysis of the tweaks as they would have with regular updates.

How does Mercedes plan to outperform Red Bull?

Mercedes plans to continue improving the overall performance of their car and strive for a better understanding of their current model. They intend to manage expectations, persistently strive for improvements, and not get complacent based on recent successes.

What is Lewis Hamilton’s perspective on the car’s performance?

Hamilton is quite confident that their performance in Spain is indicative of Mercedes’ current standing. He believes their strong race pace, a carryover from last year, continues to be a strength. Even though they still face stiff competition from Aston Martin and Ferrari, he is optimistic about the upcoming races.

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