McLaren’s Triple F1 Revamp Involves Nearly “Every Single Aerodynamic Component”

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Upon the debut of the MCL60, new team principal Andrea Stella called for a sense of realism following missed development targets during the off-season.

A significant update was initiated in the fourth round in Azerbaijan, featuring a restructured floor and rear wing which were expected to be the initial specifications of the car.

Stella now anticipates nearly all aerodynamic components will undergo a second revision as part of a rapid three-stage update set to roll out over the Austria, British, and Hungarian Grand Prix weekends.

The expectation is that roughly half of the total update will be launched at the imminent Red Bull Ring round, with the remainder divided between Silverstone and Budapest.

Stella remarked: “The majority of enhancements will be seen across the next few events – we’re looking at a substantial overhaul of the car to be carried out across Austria, UK, and Hungary.”

This follows a comprehensive winter review by the Italian and McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown, of the design department in Woking.

This review resulted in a shift from technical chief James Key to a tripartite structure, alongside the recruitment of Ferrari head of vehicle concept David Sanchez.

Andrea Stella, Team Principal, McLaren, at the Team Principals Press Conference

Photo by: F1 Flow Images

Stella clarified that the assertive developmental trajectory reflects the need for a “fundamental” car redesign identified after the early races of the season.

He added: “At the season’s outset, we understood the car required a fundamental redesign, which has proved intriguing.

“I’d estimate almost every single aerodynamic component [will change] – hence the rollout of upgrades across several races. It’s going to be noticeably significant.

“Even some under-body parts needed redesigning. That’s another reason why preparation for these upgrades was time-consuming. Essentially, the whole car.”

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Stella further disclosed that the upgrades are yet to undergo simulator testing but will enhance downforce. He anticipates a lap time improvement by a few tenths of a second.

Considering the range of changes, the sixth-placed constructor McLaren views the upgrades as a “milestone that could potentially turnaround the season”.

Stella concluded: “I’m relying on this package, and over the approximately three races where it will be introduced, it should shave a few tenths of a second off the lap time – a difference that will be discernible.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about McLaren F1 Aerodynamic Revamp

What is the purpose of McLaren’s triple-stage aerodynamic revamp in F1?

McLaren’s triple-stage aerodynamic revamp aims to improve the performance of their car and potentially turn around their season. The updates involve a fundamental redesign of almost every aerodynamic part, with enhancements to increase downforce and expected lap time improvements.

How will McLaren implement the updates?

The updates will be rolled out over three races: Austria, UK, and Hungary. Approximately half of the updates will be introduced in the upcoming Red Bull Ring round, with the rest divided between Silverstone and Budapest.

Why did McLaren decide to undertake such extensive changes?

After assessing the early races of the season, McLaren identified the need for a fundamental redesign of their car. This decision was made to address performance issues and make significant improvements to various aerodynamic components.

Who is involved in the revamp process?

New team principal Andrea Stella is leading the revamp process. Additionally, McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown conducted a major review of the design department, resulting in a restructuring and the recruitment of David Sanchez, formerly from Ferrari, to enhance the team’s vehicle concept.

What is the expected outcome of these updates?

McLaren aims to achieve noticeable improvements in lap times, estimating a few tenths of a second enhancement. The team views this aerodynamic revamp as a potential milestone that could positively impact their season’s performance and standings.

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mclaren f1 gona make it rain with their aero upgrds! huge turnaround on da way! #excited


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