McLaren still “pretty terrible” in low speed, says Norris

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McLaren’s recent performance improvements have been evident with Lando Norris delivering an exceptional performance at his home race in Silverstone. The team’s upgrade package showcased significant progress, as Norris secured a front-row qualifying position and briefly led the race before finishing second behind Max Verstappen. This advancement has sparked hopes among competitors that they too can achieve similar gains through in-season car developments.

However, Norris advises against overinterpreting McLaren’s success at Silverstone and emphasizes that the car still lags behind rivals in crucial areas. While the British Grand Prix highlighted improved tire management, Norris acknowledges that the MCL-60 is still lacking, particularly in slow corners where Lewis Hamilton applied pressure during their battle.

Norris conveys his cautious optimism about the recent upgrades, recognizing that the team’s enhanced tire degradation management at Silverstone was track-specific. He mentions that certain upcoming tracks may expose the car’s weaknesses, leading people to question the sudden decline in performance. Despite improvements in areas such as tire cooling, Norris emphasizes that there is still substantial work to be done before McLaren can compete with the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull on all fronts.

Andrea Stella, the team boss, anticipates the next race in Hungary as an opportunity to evaluate McLaren’s true standing. The tight and twisty Hungaroring, known for its lower speeds and typically favorable weather, will provide a comprehensive assessment of the team’s performance and expose any lingering issues.

In summary, McLaren has made notable progress with recent upgrades, but Norris acknowledges that the car’s low-speed performance remains a major weakness. While the team’s improved tire management was evident at Silverstone, Norris urges caution and highlights the need for further development to compete with top contenders across all circuits. The upcoming race in Hungary will serve as a significant test for McLaren’s capabilities in different track conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about McLaren’s recent progress shines at Silverstone, but Norris warns of their car’s weaknesses in low-speed corners. Hungary will be a crucial test. McLaren’s progress

What was McLaren’s performance like at Silverstone?

McLaren showed significant progress at Silverstone, with Lando Norris delivering an exceptional performance. He qualified on the front row, briefly led the race, and finished in second place.

Did McLaren’s performance improvement carry over to other races?

While McLaren’s performance at Silverstone was impressive, Lando Norris advises caution in drawing broad conclusions. He mentions that the car still has weaknesses, particularly in low-speed corners.

What are the specific weaknesses of the McLaren car?

According to Norris, the McLaren car struggles in low-speed corners. He describes it as “pretty terrible” and challenging to drive in those conditions.

Will McLaren’s progress continue in upcoming races?

Norris acknowledges that there is still significant work to be done for McLaren to compete with top rivals like Mercedes and Red Bull. The upcoming race in Hungary, with its low and medium-speed dominated track, will provide a crucial test for the team’s capabilities.

How does McLaren’s tire management contribute to their progress?

At Silverstone, McLaren showcased improved tire management. However, Norris emphasizes that this improvement was specific to the track and does not guarantee consistent performance in other circuits.

What is the significance of the upcoming race in Hungary for McLaren?

The tight and twisty nature of the Hungaroring, combined with potentially hot weather conditions, will offer a comprehensive evaluation of McLaren’s true performance. Team boss Andrea Stella looks forward to this race as an opportunity to assess the car’s strengths and weaknesses in different conditions.

More about McLaren’s recent progress shines at Silverstone, but Norris warns of their car’s weaknesses in low-speed corners. Hungary will be a crucial test. McLaren’s progress

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