McLaren pushing to sign off final F1 ‘conceptual evolution’ update for 2023 car

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about McLaren F1 2023 Car Update

What is the final update McLaren is working on for its 2023 car?

McLaren is working on a final ‘conceptual evolution’ update for its 2023 car, the MCL60. This update involves further enhancements to the bodywork and floor of the car, intended to build upon recent podium finishes in Britain and Hungary.

What is the ‘conceptual evolution’ McLaren’s team principal talks about?

Team principal Andrea Stella refers to a series of changes that are not merely about small millimetre adjustments, but rather a broader conceptual evolution. This involves a certain level of unpredictability and the true impact will only be evident once the modifications are tested on the track.

Is McLaren planning to use their 2023 car model in the new wind tunnel?

No, McLaren does not plan to test their 2023 car model in the new wind tunnel. According to Andrea Stella, the team will cease work on the 2023 model once they leave the Toyota wind tunnel they’ve been using. The new wind tunnel will be used for the 2024 model exclusively.

Will ideas from the 2024 model be applied to the 2023 car?

Andrea Stella is sceptical about the possibility of implementing ideas from the 2024 car onto the 2023 model due to the interconnected and complex nature of the development. He suggests that it would be challenging to find a solution that works for next year’s car and then apply it to this year’s model.

When is McLaren planning to test the 2024 car model in the new wind tunnel?

The team is deciding whether to conduct this test within the current week or immediately after its mandatory summer shutdown period. However, it will definitely take place before Formula 1 resumes at Zandvoort later in the month.

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