McLaren Postpones Hungary F1 Enhancement Bundle

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McLaren’s team principal, Andrea Stella, announced that the MCL60 vehicle will undergo a comprehensive overhaul, with “virtually every single aerodynamic component” being modified as part of a three-phase development package.

The first phase, which covered 50% of the alterations, was implemented on Lando Norris’s vehicle in Austria. The changes included a redesigned sidepod inlet, halo fairing, engine cover, and a revamped floor.

The second stage, accounting for approximately 25%, was introduced at Silverstone and featured a new front wing and nose cone. Additionally, there were alterations to the rear suspension and the rear brake duct geometry, again for Norris.

Oscar Piastri, Norris’s teammate, received the second set of enhancements for the Budapest race. However, McLaren has confirmed a delay in the deployment of the final part of the upgrade, initially scheduled for this event.

In a conversation with F1, Stella mentioned extended design and production times as the reason for the delay, which might extend past the Belgian GP and the summer break.

Stella said: “We have a front wing designated for Oscar. However, a lack of components in the UK has prevented the installation of the new wing.

“Furthermore, we’ve noticed that we need additional time from a design and production perspective to finalize the entire round of upgrades. Consequently, we’ll see the introduction of new parts in subsequent races and primarily after the shutdown.”

Following the first two stages of the upgrade, McLaren made notable strides, with Norris qualifying third for the Austrian sprint race and fourth for the main Sunday race.

He reinforced this progress in the British GP, where he overtook Max Verstappen, the pole sitter, to take the lead, and eventually secured second place, while Piastri finished fourth.

Stella considered this achievement as a “milestone” in McLaren’s recovery strategy, which involves the building of a new wind tunnel and the recruitment of top engineers from Ferrari and Red Bull as part of a significant technical department overhaul.

The Italian stated: “This is a critical juncture in our journey. It’s significant for McLaren, the dedicated personnel who worked tirelessly to develop and deliver these upgrades, and our fans.

“However, our focus remains unchanged. We continue to work diligently on delivering car enhancements, allowing the results to follow, and we aim to maintain this as consistently as possible.”

In response to whether the outcome at Silverstone justified the design team’s changes, Stella confirmed: “By creating certain conditions, particularly concerning aerodynamic development, it unquestionably sped up the car’s development, enabling us to make this performance leap.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 upgrade package delays.

Q: What modifications are being made to McLaren’s MCL60 F1 car?

A: Pretty much every single aerodynamic part on the MCL60 machine will be changed as part of a three-stage development package.

Q: Which stages of the upgrade package have already been implemented and for which driver?

A: The first stage, accounting for 50% of the modifications, was given to Lando Norris’s car in Austria. The second stage, about 25%, arrived for Silverstone, also for Norris. Oscar Piastri received the second suite of upgrades for the Budapest race.

Q: Why has the final part of the upgrade package been delayed?

A: The final part of the update has been delayed due to extended design and production lead times, which may stretch beyond the Hungarian Grand Prix and the summer break.

Q: How have the initial upgrade stages impacted McLaren’s performance?

A: Following the first two steps of the upgrade, McLaren made significant progress, with Norris qualifying third for the Austria sprint race and fourth for the full GP. He also performed well in the British GP, finishing second after leading the race.

Q: What milestone has McLaren achieved in their recovery plan?

A: The recent performance marked a milestone in McLaren’s recovery plan. They have undertaken major changes, including constructing a new wind tunnel and hiring leading engineers from Ferrari and Red Bull for a technical department restructure.

Q: Will the delayed upgrades affect the team’s future races?

A: The delayed upgrades are expected to be introduced in the next races and, primarily, after the summer break, ensuring the team’s continuous development and performance improvements.

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racegirl_23 July 22, 2023 - 2:06 am

luv seein’ mclaren progressin’ & gettin’ better results. stella said they got a new front wing for oscar, can’t wait 2 see how it helps ’em!

racerfan77 July 22, 2023 - 2:46 am

mclaren really workin’ hard on their f1 upgrade! so much aerodynamix stuff changin’! can’t wait 2 c how it improves the performans. go norris & piastri!

F1expert99 July 22, 2023 - 3:51 am

delays in the upgradess r a bit of a downer but mclaren’s takin’ steps in the right direction. design and production takes time, hope it pays off!

pitstopfanatic July 22, 2023 - 1:23 pm

mclaren makin’ strides in the wind tunnel & new engineers? excitin’ stuff! gotta give credit to norris & piastri, they’re showin’ great drivin’!

speeddemon22 July 22, 2023 - 4:01 pm

Upgradin’ the mcl60 car in 3 stages, sounds like a big job! but delaays? hope they sort it out quick, wanna c ’em performin’ at their best!


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