Max Verstappen’s Battle with Illness in Saudi: “I Feel Like I’m Missing a Lung”

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Lewis Hamilton, the two-time world champion, said that he felt weak and unwell while driving at this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. Before arriving late to Jeddah, Lewis had given himself some extra time off in Monaco because he had a stomach ache.

He did his best and still ended up in second place with the fastest lap time, even though something went wrong during Q2 so he started from 15th place. He said he was unhappy because it felt like for this race, his physical abilities kept him from doing better.

He spoke of how he felt really ill, like he had lost a lung. He went into the weekend thinking it was all over.

When I got sick, usually I can still do my workouts a few days later. But when I hopped in the car for the FP1 race, even just one lap of driving made it difficult for me to breathe normally again. So it continued affecting me throughout the race weekend and I didn’t like that because it means that my physical body was stopping me from driving at full power. It was really annoying to be limited while being in the racing car.

Max Verstappen is a driver from Red Bull Racing RB19 team. He recently felt unwell, but he had enough time to get better and now he thinks this weekend will be okay. He also tried to work on improving his health since then and feels it has worked out well; so normally this weekend should be alright.

I think everything was coming together for me, but Jeddah is a pretty hard race. When you’re feeling sick it makes it much harder. Unfortunately, this virus caught up to me. But I’m hoping the rest of the year will be better!

Verstappen hasn’t been able to win a race in Australia before, and he even had to leave the race during last year’s event while he was in second place. However, this year he is feeling optimistic due to the RB19 car that has already made first place in two other races. This is the best package of car parts he has ever had for racing in Melbourne.

Verstappen said that in the last few years their performance hasn’t been great at the start of the year. He believes that if this race was held somewhere else, his results may have been much better. But now, they need a good result badly.

“We have a pretty good chance of achieving the outcome we want, as long as we do well this weekend.”

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