Max Verstappen Wins F1 Australian Grand Prix in Dramatic Fashion After Red Flag Caused by Hamilton-Mania

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Verstappen started in first, but quickly lost the lead to Mercedes’ George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. Later, during the race, Alex Albon crashed and covered the road with debris and gravel, causing a red flag. At the second starting point, Hamilton still had the lead yet when DRS (a tool used for overtaking) was reactivated Verstappen zoomed back into first place where he stayed until the end of the race.

At the beginning of the race, a big red flag was waved. This meant that none of the drivers had to stop for pitstops during the race because they could switch out their starting tyres without slowing down. This is what allowed George Russell to stay at the back of the field, but later on his car’s engine caught fire and he wasn’t able to finish any further in the event.

Verstappen quickly built a 10-second lead over Hamilton, but almost lost it when he went on the grass at the last corner. As they were trying to figure out if they needed new tires, Hamilton was keeping Alonso away.

The drivers were speeding up and trying to make fast laps when suddenly Kevin Magnussen drove off the track near the second corner, crashing into a wall with his back wheel. The wheel broke off then he stopped by the fourth turn, so they had to stop the race again and finish it in two laps.

Verstappen drove past Hamilton and took the lead at Turn 1. Once there, Alonso collided into Carlos Sainz from behind which caused them to spin towards the wall that Magnussen had crashed into.

At the back, Pierre Gasly braked too hard near Turn 2 and ended up going off-road with a bunch of other cars. When he came back on track, he went to the right side and caused an accident with his teammate Esteban Ocon. This made what could have been a great deal for both Pierre and his team Alpine break into pieces since they had been racing against Sainz for almost the whole race.

Lance Stroll was fighting Sainz and it caused him to slip on the gravel at Turn 3 which affected Aston Martin’s standings. Then the race was stopped before Verstappen could finish lap one. After that, there was a delay of 30 minutes while people figured out how the race should end with only one more lap remaining from 58 laps total.

The decision was made that the cars would return to their original places before the restart, only without those that couldn’t take a fourth try. This meant they had to follow an orderly process and no overtaking was allowed when they got going again. Thanks to this, Verstappen ended up winning with no pressure from Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso came fourth in the end.

Sainz was trailing Alonso when they got home and he was given a five-second time addition penalty for bumping into him at the third restart, this incident is similar to what happened in both Mugello 2020 and Jeddah 2021.

Sainz was very unhappy because he did not get to explain what happened to the stewards. So, ultimately, he got 12th place in the race and Ferrari didn’t earn any points from this competition in Australia. At the start of the first lap, Charles Leclerc tried to turn but Lance Stroll was also turning at that time – resulting in Charles getting spun out and turned around in a situation where people agreed it was just a normal part of racing.

Sergio Perez had an amazing race – he started from the pits, and kept passing his competitors to reach seventh place. But then, in the third restart chaos, he was almost in trouble when he went into the gravel and fell right to the back. Fortunately though, due to the FIA’s decision, he was brought all the way back up to fifth place!

Lando Norris and Nico Hulkenberg had an exciting race before the red flag fell, and they finished in sixth and seventh places in front of Oscar Piastri, the local hero. Zhou Guanyu and Yuki Tsunoda came in at positions ten and below, beating Valtteri Bottas and Sainz, who were penalized.

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