Masi’s Emotional Return to the F1 Paddock: “Like Seeing a Long-Lost Family”

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The guy who organized Formula 1 races was in Australia for the whole week. He had some business to attend to as the Chairman of the Supercars Commission, but he also spent time hanging out with people from the F1 racing world. This is his first time being around them since the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Masi left his job at the FIA after a race that saw Max Verstappen become the world champion instead of Lewis Hamilton in an unexpected way.

He talked to F1Flow.com about going back to the races in Melbourne and said he had been welcomed warmly by both the FIA and Formula 1 teams.

“Everyone has been really nice since my return,” Masi said.

“I’m very happy to be here as the Chair of the Supercars Commission, and it’s been great catching up with old friends. Even though I used to work at the FIA, my visit this time hasn’t been scary or uncomfortable.”

“It’s been great,” said Hamilton. “Everyone has welcomed me so warmly, like I’m part of the family!”. Michael Masi was there and they talked about a place called Abu Dhabi.

The seven-time world champion said he was just focusing on his future and trying to get back to winning, so he had nothing more to say. After leaving the FIA, Masi went back home to Australia where he took important roles in various administrative activities.

Last September, Craig took over a job called the head of the Supercars Commission from Neil Crompton. He also has positions on two organizations – the South Australian F1Flow Board and the Karting Australia Board. Both groups run different events like the Adelaide 500.

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