Martin Denies Responsibility for Austria MotoGP Sprint Collisions

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Jorge Martin has defended himself against accusations that he caused a major pile-up during the Austria MotoGP sprint race. The incident occurred as Martin attempted to overtake Fabio Quartararo of the Yamaha team on the inside of Turn 1 on the opening lap. The collision resulted in Quartararo colliding with Maverick Vinales of Aprilia, leading to a chain reaction involving several other riders including Enea Bastianini of Ducati, Miguel Oliveira, Marco Bezzecchi, and Johann Zarco. Despite the chaos caused, Martin claims that the incident was not his fault.

Martin, who eventually finished the sprint race in third place, has reviewed the incident multiple times and believes that both sides share the blame. He stated that he maintained a straight racing line and intended to navigate the corner on the inside comfortably. However, he pointed out that some riders on the outside unexpectedly closed their lines, and Quartararo also closed in on him, causing him to lose control. Martin considers this a combination of factors leading to the collision, but he maintains that he is not to blame for the incident.

While the race stewards are still investigating the incident and have not reached a decision, Martin remains confident that he is not at fault. He believes that the complaints from various teams about the race start might have influenced the stewards’ considerations. Martin acknowledged that there could be riders deserving of penalties but asserted that his case is not one of them. He expressed relief that he pushed hard during the race, creating a gap of three seconds behind him. This gap could serve as a buffer against potential penalties if the stewards decide to impose any.

In addition to the collision involving Quartararo, Martin was also part of an incident with Luca Marini of VR46. While battling for third place, Martin made contact with Marini during an overtake maneuver at Turn 2 on lap seven. This incident was also examined during the race, and no penalties were given. Martin defended his actions in this instance, stating that he was already in front and that Marini’s crash resulted from contact with his own foot peg. Martin emphasized that he considers himself a clean rider who strives to make overtakes in a fair manner.

In conclusion, Martin rejects the idea that he is at fault for the collisions during the Austria MotoGP sprint race. He believes that a combination of factors contributed to the pile-up and maintains his position that he is not a reckless or dirty rider. The stewards’ decision is pending, and Martin hopes that any potential penalties would have been imposed during the race, rather than waiting until the end to make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Collision责

What caused the collisions in the Austria MotoGP sprint race involving Jorge Martin?

Jorge Martin triggered a pile-up into Turn 1 on the opening lap by making contact with Fabio Quartararo while attempting to overtake him. This set off a chain reaction that involved other riders, resulting in a major collision.

How does Jorge Martin defend himself against the blame for the collisions?

Martin insists that the incident was not solely his fault. He claims that he maintained a straight racing line and intended to navigate the corner on the inside comfortably. He points out that other riders closed their lines unexpectedly, and Quartararo’s actions also contributed to the collision.

Is the incident under investigation?

Yes, the incident is currently under investigation by the race stewards. No decision has been reached regarding the responsibility for the collisions.

What is Jorge Martin’s stance on potential penalties?

Martin believes that the incident was a combination of factors and that he is not solely to blame. He hopes that any penalties, if imposed, would have been decided during the race rather than at its conclusion.

Was Jorge Martin involved in any other incidents during the race?

Yes, Jorge Martin was also involved in an incident with Luca Marini while battling for third place. He overtook Marini at Turn 2 on lap seven, and contact between the two resulted in Marini’s crash. No penalties were given for this incident.

How does Jorge Martin view his racing style?

Martin considers himself a clean rider who strives to make overtakes in a fair and non-reckless manner. He asserts that his intent is to engage in clean racing and not to cause collisions.

What is the status of the investigation and any potential penalties?

As of now, the stewards have not announced their decision regarding the incident and potential penalties. The investigation is ongoing, and it remains to be seen whether any action will be taken against the riders involved.

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RacerDude22 August 19, 2023 - 9:02 pm

oh man, jorge martin sayin’ it aint his fault for the pile-up, seems like a mess, wonder if stewards gonna agree tho

MotoFanatic August 20, 2023 - 11:05 am

martin & quartararo, big clash at turn 1! no way?! other riders got tangled too, wild start, stewards decision hangin’


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