Marquez Has Freedom to Leave Honda MotoGP Contract, Suggests Puig

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Puig’s remarks came on the heels of the team’s announcement that due to injuries incurred from a series of recent crashes in Germany, Marquez would be sitting out of today’s Dutch GP.

Despite suffering from an accident during qualifying with Ducati’s Enea Bastianini, Marquez did participate in yesterday’s sprint race at Assen, where he started and finished in 17th place.

“Even though we have a contract, every individual is free to make their own choices,” said Puig. “Honda doesn’t wish to retain people who aren’t content being here. While we have a contract, Honda holds great respect for Marc. I hope he’ll continue with us based on the contract, but I don’t have a crystal ball.”

When questioned about Puig’s most recent statements, Marquez remained noncommittal about his future intentions.

“At this moment, I am dealing with a lot and can’t ponder over this,” expressed the Spaniard. “It’s not wise to make decisions about your future under such circumstances. Over the next month and a half, I need to focus on restoring my physical and mental health.

“I’m currently facing one of the toughest periods of my career. But I am fortunate that my personal life is at one of its peak times, and I have a strong team supporting me. This stability offers much-needed assistance.

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Marquez, Repsol Honda Team

“So now, I need to take a step back, breathe, consult with my team… and then I need to get back on the bike again.

“I aim to enter Silverstone with the same dedication as I had at Portimao, the season opener. It’s likely the approach will differ, but the commitment remains.”

Both Marquez and Puig concurred that opting out of today’s race was solely the rider’s decision.

“Last night around eight or nine, the pain became unbearable,” shared Marquez. “I was unable to sleep, and that’s when I realized I couldn’t race today.

“I visited the medical center this morning to inform them of my inability to participate in the race. Upon examination, it was confirmed that my rib is broken.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Marc Marquez’s Future

What led to Marc Marquez not participating in the Dutch GP?

Marc Marquez had to sit out the Dutch GP due to injuries he sustained from several crashes in the previous race in Germany.

What was Marquez’s performance in the sprint race at Assen?

Despite an accident with Ducati’s Enea Bastianini in qualifying, Marquez did compete in the sprint race at Assen. He started and finished in 17th place.

Did Puig comment on Marquez’s potential departure from Honda?

Yes, Puig mentioned that although there is a contract with Marquez, Honda does not wish to retain individuals who aren’t content being with the team. He also expressed hope that Marquez would stay based on their contract.

What did Marquez say about his future with Honda?

Marquez remained noncommittal about his future plans with Honda. He mentioned that he’s currently in a difficult phase and needs to focus on regaining his physical and mental health.

What is Marquez’s current physical condition?

Marquez is currently dealing with injuries from recent crashes. The pain from these injuries, including a broken rib, was severe enough to prevent him from racing in the Dutch GP.

What are Marquez’s plans for the next race?

Marquez intends to participate in the race at Silverstone with the same commitment as he had at Portimao, the season opener, albeit with a different approach.

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