Marc Marquez Acknowledges His 2023 MotoGP Sunday Finish as Humorous: “Seems Like a Comedy”

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Marc Marquez, a world champion of MotoGP eight times over, had not passed the finishing line in a Sunday race in the MotoGP since the Malaysian GP in 2022, resulting in an astonishing 301-day absence from grand prix finishes.

Every grand prix that Marquez embarked on in 2023 prior to the Austrian race ended in crashes for him, and all his accumulated points until last weekend were earned from the sprint races.

Yet, Marquez’s daring decision to opt for the soft rear tyre during Austria’s sweltering Grand Prix on Sunday allowed him to come in 12th on his struggling Honda, finally marking his first major race finish of the season, 10 rounds into the competition.

“It may sound like a punchline, but it’s the real deal,” Marquez commented on his maiden Sunday MotoGP finish for the year. “For the first time this year, I completed a race on a Sunday and secured my initial points for the season on that day.

“It’s quite straightforward to grasp. You simply tackle the race with a different mindset, like I did in Silverstone.

“Sure, the mishap at Silverstone was more of a racing anomaly, rather than pushing too hard.

“Today I gave it my all, opting for the soft, as it felt right, and in the end, as predicted, the tyre performance dipped, but it was manageable,” he added.

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Before taking a summer break, Marquez was holding firm in key positions at various grands prix, prominently in France and Italy, only to crash out.

However, after the racing resumed with the British GP, Marquez has shifted his focus more towards gathering insights for Honda rather than aiming for wins.

He pointed out post the Red Bull Ring round that his level of concentration remains unchanged, without which, “it’s tough to comprehend” the bike’s behavior. Yet, he admits that this new approach is “challenging.”

“The concentration is the same, as it’s crucial to experiment. Without full focus, it’s hard to grasp the different setups and changes on the bike,” he elaborated.

Photo credit: Gold and Goose / F1 Flow Images

“Today, for instance, I had another driving force, managing that soft rear tyre, since the sensation was positive.

“And in the end, as anticipated, the tyre performance fell substantially. But once I felt prepared, I overtook the competitors ahead and pressed on.

“Adopting this race strategy is no easy feat, but we’re making continuous attempts.

“Every attempt involves a unique bike configuration. This morning saw a colossal alteration, but we realized it wasn’t the right path.

“However, the change for the main race, while minor compared to the sprint race, was a marked improvement. So, we’re progressively analyzing the situation, particularly since the aerodynamics this year make the bike behave differently.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Marc Marquez

What was significant about Marc Marquez’s finish at the Austrian Grand Prix?

Marc Marquez’s finish at the Austrian Grand Prix marked his first Sunday MotoGP finish of the 2023 season. This was after a near-year stint of 301 days without a grand prix finish, as he had consistently crashed out in the previous races. The finish was achieved after a gamble on using soft rear tyres and signaled a change in his approach to focus on collecting data for Honda rather than on results.

How did Marquez manage to break his losing streak and finish the race?

He changed his approach by focusing more on collecting data for Honda rather than pushing for results. Additionally, he took a gamble by using soft rear tyres in the hot Austrian GP. These decisions led to his finish in 12th place, marking his first main race finish 10 rounds into the campaign.

What was Marquez’s reaction to his first Sunday MotoGP finish in 2023?

He humorously remarked that it “looks like a joke, but it’s true” and further explained that his altered mentality and choices in bike setup contributed to his ability to finish the race.

What has been Marc Marquez’s strategy since the resumption of races after the summer break?

Since the resumption of the grands prix at the British GP, Marquez has altered his approach to focus more on gathering insights and data for Honda. This includes trying different setups and changes on the bike, and maintaining concentration in order to understand the bike’s behavior, even though he finds this approach to be challenging.

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