Magnussen Reflects on F1 Incident with de Vries in Canada: “No Complaints from Me”

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During the Canadian Grand Prix, on lap 36, de Vries executed a daring overtake maneuver at Turn 1 while both drivers were battling for 12th place.

Magnussen held his ground on the outside line, which later became the inside for Turn 2. As a result, the two cars made slight contact, allowing George Russell from Mercedes to pass them.

The intense fight between de Vries and Magnussen continued as they approached Turn 3. However, de Vries misjudged his braking on the uneven inside line, causing both cars to run off the track and eliminating any chance of scoring points.

The incident was reviewed by the stewards, who classified it as a racing incident. Both drivers accepted the decision without objections.

“He was certainly racing hard, no doubt about that. But who am I to complain?” said Magnussen, who is known for his own aggressive driving style.

“I believe the issue arose when he missed his braking point at Turn 3 and took me along with him. That was the extent of it.

“He had the advantage on the inside but then he outbraked himself and couldn’t negotiate the corner.

“I was stuck on the outside, so I had nowhere to go, and we ended up off the track together. It was unfortunate for me.”

De Vries explained that the challenging nature of the bumpy inside line at Turn 3 caught him off guard, causing him to lock up his front-left tire.

“We were vigorously competing through Turns 1 and 2,” he explained. “We were pushing each other to the limit, and I found myself on the dirty part of the track, right up to that braking point. I locked up and went straight.

“The track had less grip, and the bumps didn’t make it any easier. Moreover, it’s not a straightforward braking zone; you’re constantly negotiating a slight turn, which adds to the difficulty.”

De Vries also absolved Magnussen of any blame for his aggressive defense at Turn 1, which initiated the initial contact.

“I felt like I had the momentum, and I thought I had him, but he almost veered onto the grass and the curb to fend me off,” said de Vries.

“But I don’t hold it against him; it’s part of the game. It was simply a racing incident, nothing more or less.”

Additional reporting by Adam Cooper

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 clash

Q: What happened between Magnussen and de Vries during the F1 race in Canada?

A: During the race, on lap 36, de Vries attempted an overtake on Magnussen at Turn 1, resulting in contact between the two drivers. They continued their battle towards Turn 3, where de Vries locked up and both cars went off the track, ending their hopes of scoring points. The incident was deemed a racing incident by the stewards, and both drivers accepted it without complaints.

Q: Was there any blame placed on Magnussen for the aggressive defense at Turn 1?

A: De Vries did not blame Magnussen for his aggressive defense at Turn 1. He acknowledged that it was part of the game and considered it a racing incident. Magnussen’s defensive maneuver, while intense, was within the bounds of acceptable racing tactics.

Q: What led to the collision between Magnussen and de Vries?

A: The collision occurred when de Vries attempted to make a bold overtake at Turn 1. Magnussen defended his position on the outside, which became the inside for Turn 2. The contact between their cars allowed George Russell from Mercedes to pass them. However, the incident was not solely attributed to either driver’s actions, as the stewards classified it as a racing incident.

Q: Did the incident impact the final outcome of the race for Magnussen and de Vries?

A: Yes, the incident had a significant impact on the race for both drivers. After going off the track at Turn 3, they lost any chance of securing points and a potential higher finishing position. It was a disappointing outcome for both Magnussen and de Vries, as their fight for position ended in an unfortunate incident.

Q: How did Magnussen and de Vries react to the stewards’ decision on the incident?

A: Both drivers accepted the stewards’ decision without complaints. Magnussen acknowledged that they were racing hard and did not feel the need to complain about de Vries’ aggressive driving. De Vries also understood that it was a racing incident and held no blame towards Magnussen for his defensive actions. They both respected the stewards’ judgment.

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RaceFanatic87 June 21, 2023 - 10:42 am

Magnussen n de Vries got tangled up in Canada! Hard racin, no doubt. stewards called it fair. no complainin from both. unfortunate for ’em. hope dey bounce back nxt time!

SpeedDemon June 21, 2023 - 11:23 am

whoa, de Vries made a bold overtake on Magnussen! but it backfired. dey went off track n lost points. stewards called it a racing incident. love da drama in F1!

F1Addict June 21, 2023 - 3:07 pm

Magnussen n de Vries collided in Canada GP. Excitin battle, but it didn’t end well. stewards saw it as a racing incident. gotta respect their decision. F1 keeps us on the edge of our seats!

F1lover23 June 21, 2023 - 6:43 pm

canada gp had dat magnussen-de vries clash. dey were fightin hard, but it ended badly. both drivers okay with stewards’ call. tough luck, no points tho. racing can be unpredictable!

racingfan101 June 21, 2023 - 11:15 pm

magnussen n de vries collidin in F1 race? wow, intense stuff! dey went off the track, no points 4 dem. stewards said it’s a racing incident. no blame on magnussen. gud sportsmanship.


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