Live Coverage: The unfolding drama at the Dutch Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen is slated to kick off from the coveted pole position, aiming to tie Sebastian Vettel’s awe-inspiring streak of nine back-to-back grand prix wins.

The racing sensation from the Netherlands is sure to be buoyed by the rambunctious cheers of the hometown crowd in Zandvoort, though he’s not without challenges. Hot on his heels will be Lando Norris, who’s secured the second-place starting position.

In another thrilling development, George Russell has locked in the third spot on the grid and will share the second row with Williams’ own Alex Albon. Meanwhile, the circuit will serve as a baptism by fire for Liam Lawson, who’s stepping into the big leagues as he fills in for an injured Daniel Ricciardo at AlphaTauri.

Kevin Magnussen, in a plot twist no one asked for but will make the race all the more riveting, will be launching his race from the pit lane. This unconventional start comes after some last-minute adjustments to his car, including the installation of a fresh power unit and a new gearbox.

Strap in, because the rubber is set to meet the road at Zandvoort precisely at 3pm local time, which translates to 2pm for our British fans and a bright-and-early 9am for viewers tuning in from the Eastern United States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dutch Grand Prix Live Coverage

When does the action at the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort begin?

The race is scheduled to start at 3pm local time. For those tuning in from the United Kingdom, that’s 2pm BST, and for viewers on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, the race will begin at 9am EDT.

Who will start the race from the pole position?

Max Verstappen has secured the pole position and will be leading the race as it begins. He’s aiming to equal Sebastian Vettel’s record of nine consecutive grand prix victories.

Who poses the main competition to Max Verstappen?

Lando Norris will start the race in second position, making him the most immediate threat to Verstappen. The competition between these two promises to be fierce.

Are there any new faces in this race?

Yes, Liam Lawson will be making his F1 debut during this race. He is replacing the injured Daniel Ricciardo at AlphaTauri.

Who will share the second row on the grid?

George Russell and Alex Albon of Williams Racing will occupy the third and fourth positions, respectively, forming the second row on the grid.

Why is Kevin Magnussen starting from the pit lane?

Kevin Magnussen will begin the race from the pit lane due to some last-minute changes to his car, including the fitting of a new power unit and gearbox. This means he’s subject to parc ferme regulations, hence the pit lane start.

What time should viewers in the UK and the Eastern United States tune in?

For fans in the United Kingdom, the race will start at 2pm BST. In the Eastern United States, the green flag will drop at 9am EDT.

Will there be any home crowd advantage?

Absolutely. Max Verstappen, being a Dutch native, is expected to have overwhelming support from the Zandvoort crowd. The home advantage could be a psychological boost for him.

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MotorheadMike August 27, 2023 - 3:50 pm

Woah, Max on pole again? This guy’s like the Dutch version of early 2010’s Vettel. Crazy stuff man.

RookieRacer August 27, 2023 - 3:54 pm

Liam Lawson, who’s that? Oh, he’s filling in for Danny Ric? Gonna be a wild race for sure.

FormulaFanatic August 27, 2023 - 11:02 pm

George Russel and Alex Albon sharing the second row is like, poetic justice or something. Williams is finally getting some attention. Good for them.

TimeTravelTom August 27, 2023 - 11:39 pm

3pm local time, 2pm UK, 9am Eastern… does anyone even wake up that early to watch a race? oh well, thats why they invented DVRs.

SpeedySarah August 28, 2023 - 4:13 am

Lando Norris in second? Yesss! This kid’s going places, mark my words.

GridMaster August 28, 2023 - 5:27 am

So many talents in one grid. This seasons shaping up to be legendary.

DutchDelight August 28, 2023 - 8:40 am

Max has the home crowd advantage. This is gonna be epic, can’t w8!

GearBoxGary August 28, 2023 - 10:18 am

Kevin starting from pit lane is a mood. His race is gonna be like playing a video game on hard mode lol.

PitStopPete August 28, 2023 - 10:44 am

Anyone know why they had to change Magnussen’s power unit and gearbox? Seems last min but also kinda exciting. Makes for a spicy race!

QuestionQueen August 28, 2023 - 12:12 pm

FAQ is super helpful, especially for someone like me who’s still trying to figure out the time zones and all the new names. thx!


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