Lewis Hamilton Extends Mercedes Contract Through 2025: Here’s Why

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Unless fate throws a curveball like an injury or something even graver, Lewis Hamilton is committed to burning rubber for Mercedes in Formula 1 until the end of the 2025 season. Doing so will rack up 13 seasons in the driver’s seat for Mercedes, which is two seasons more than the 11-season record he currently ties with the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton already has a leg up on Schumacher when it comes to the number of races started for a single team, boasting 213 starts with Mercedes compared to Schumacher’s 180 for Ferrari. The partnership between Hamilton and Mercedes is nothing short of iconic in the sports world. Case in point, Hamilton’s whopping 82 wins and 72 poles were highlighted when Mercedes announced his new two-year contract extension at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix. Not to be overlooked, George Russell, Hamilton’s teammate, also had his contract extended through 2025.

Hamilton sat down for a chat with the press just an hour after the big reveal, providing some meaty insights into why he’s sticking around. At 38, he shows no signs of slowing down. The keyword from Hamilton was “unfinished business,” hinting at a burning desire to reclaim the championship title lost to Max Verstappen and Red Bull in 2021. This is all the more significant because of how last season ended, with Hamilton losing the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix due to a debatable official call that played into Verstappen’s favor.

Hamilton elaborated on the notion of “unfinished business,” stating that he and Mercedes aim to reconquer the F1 world. “We’re not looking for revenge,” Hamilton insisted, focusing on the future rather than the controversial events of the past. He firmly believes that, with the team he has, they’re destined for more championships and race wins.

As Hamilton nears the big 4-0 at the end of his new contract, people are naturally curious about what keeps his engine revving. He finds inspiration from NFL superstar Tom Brady, who called it a career at 45 after 23 seasons. Both sports legends have met and share a disciplined approach to diet and fitness, essential for peak performance in their late careers.

Hamilton’s diet is vegan, aligning well with Brady’s emphasis on a mostly plant-based diet, which he credits for his long-lasting NFL career. “Tom Brady serves as an excellent example for athletes,” Hamilton said, noting that he’s had the opportunity to talk to Brady and delve into his lifestyle choices.

Also in the spotlight was Fernando Alonso, racing with Aston Martin in F1 at the age of 42. Hamilton praised his former McLaren teammate, stating that as long as the passion and commitment are there, age is but a number.

Despite Hamilton’s renewed commitment to Mercedes, the road ahead is no cakewalk, especially with Red Bull’s current performance. He played a pivotal role in Mercedes’ shift from the ‘zeropod’ car design, signaling his belief in the team’s future direction. “It’s not what you say; it’s what you do,” Hamilton pointed out, citing collaborative efforts with engineers and other key staff to rectify past mistakes.

Hamilton confidently stated that he doesn’t think it will take four more years to reclaim their winning position. He’s hopeful that, if not next year, then certainly by the following year, they’ll be back in the winner’s circle.

In conclusion, Hamilton expressed his ongoing love for the sport and his team. Unlike many who grow weary of their roles over time, he’s still thrilled to climb into that driver’s seat and chase after that checkered flag. His relationship with his engineer, Peter Bonnington, and the rest of the team is as solid as ever, fueling their collective ambition.

So, if you were wondering if Hamilton is just another athlete going through the motions as he ages, think again. The Monza press conference revealed that for him, it’s still very much “business as usual”—which means nothing less than gunning for F1 titles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Motivation

What is the significance of Lewis Hamilton’s contract renewal with Mercedes?

Lewis Hamilton’s contract renewal with Mercedes holds immense significance as it extends his time in Formula 1 through the 2025 season. This commitment sets him on a path to compete in a record-breaking 13 seasons with the team, potentially surpassing the previous record of 11 seasons.

What does “unfinished business” mean in relation to Lewis Hamilton’s contract extension?

The term “unfinished business” used by Lewis Hamilton refers to his determination and collective desire with Mercedes to regain the championship titles they lost in 2021 to Max Verstappen and Red Bull. It signifies their resolve to overcome setbacks and return to the top of the podium.

How has Lewis Hamilton taken inspiration from NFL star Tom Brady?

Lewis Hamilton draws inspiration from NFL legend Tom Brady, who played in the league until the age of 45. Both athletes share a focus on diet, fitness, and longevity in their respective sports. Hamilton, a vegan, appreciates Brady’s example of maintaining peak performance through a primarily plant-based diet.

How does Lewis Hamilton’s commitment to Mercedes align with his passion for the sport?

Despite nearing the age of 40, Lewis Hamilton’s commitment to Mercedes underscores his unyielding passion for Formula 1. He still loves the thrill of racing, collaborating with his team, and pursuing victory. This dedication sets him apart as an athlete who continues to relish every moment on the track.

What role does Lewis Hamilton play in Mercedes’ efforts to improve?

Lewis Hamilton played a pivotal role in Mercedes’ decision to alter their car design strategy, moving away from the ‘zeropod’ design. His involvement demonstrates his belief in the team’s future prospects and their collective efforts to rectify past mistakes and enhance their competitive edge.

How does Lewis Hamilton view his prospects for future championship wins?

Lewis Hamilton remains optimistic about his prospects for future championship wins with Mercedes. He believes that if not in the upcoming year, then certainly within the following year, they will be in a position to challenge their rivals and contend for pole positions and victories.

What sentiment does Lewis Hamilton express about his career and love for the sport?

Lewis Hamilton expresses genuine astonishment at still loving his career and the sport as much as he does, despite his age. He values the camaraderie with his team and the shared journey through highs and lows. His enduring passion reflects his unique dedication to the sport he loves.

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