Leclerc: Ferrari’s Fresh Insights Could Power Up the 2024 F1 Car Revolution

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While Ferrari basked in the glow of its most competitive weekend of the year in Italy a fortnight ago, the sunshine also revealed some dark clouds hanging over the SF-23’s performance.

In the crucible of testing at Monza, where the red machines whizzed around the iconic circuit, Ferrari’s engineers confirmed the findings from their experiments at the previous race in Zandvoort. These experiments, while intriguing, left more questions than answers, particularly concerning how the SF-23 copes with increased downforce.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s star driver, believes that the insights gained at Monza are pivotal as the team sets its sights on a major overhaul of the car design for the 2024 season.

“We learned a great deal during our time at Monza, especially about our weaknesses,” Leclerc candidly admitted in Singapore. “It confirmed that we perform better on tracks with less downforce, which, obviously for a high-downforce circuit like this one, makes it a bit more challenging for us.

“But Monza provided us with a treasure trove of knowledge that’s not only beneficial for this year, albeit a modest step in the right direction, but more importantly, it lays the foundation for designing next year’s car, which is a positive development.”

Ferrari is gearing up for extensive changes to its 2024 challenger, and Leclerc is convinced that this radical shift is now justified, thanks to the revelations from Monza.

Leclerc elaborated, “The 2024 project represents a significant departure from our current car. Considering all that we’ve learned, it reaffirms that the decisions we’ve made for next year are on the right track.”

However, it’s not just about making changes blindly. The insights gained are guiding Ferrari’s engineering team to fine-tune the last few details for next year’s car, making this knowledge exceptionally valuable.

“It’s crucial to grasp this understanding before the end of the season because we still have quite a few races ahead. This allows us to potentially push even harder in that direction,” Leclerc emphasized.

Carlos Sainz, Leclerc’s teammate, echoed these sentiments, underscoring how Ferrari’s comprehension of its car’s limitations in high-downforce configurations has advanced significantly, thanks to the meticulous groundwork done ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix.

“We’ve gathered some intriguing insights into how our car behaves on tracks like Zandvoort, what our high downforce wings contribute, and why they don’t always perform as expected,” Sainz noted.

This dynamic has led to a constant evolution of their racing package, race after race. Sainz hopes that the solutions they’ve uncovered for this weekend in Singapore will yield improved performance.

But Sainz also believes that this issue runs deeper than merely tweaking the rear wing, emphasizing that it’s a fundamental characteristic of the car that they are dealing with.

As Ferrari continues its quest for Formula 1 glory, it’s clear that their journey is a relentless pursuit of excellence, fueled by insights gained from every twist and turn of the track. With their sights set on 2024, the Scuderia is determined to transform these insights into a winning formula for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ferrari 2024 F1 car

What were the key insights Ferrari gained from Monza?

At Monza, Ferrari’s testing provided crucial insights into the weaknesses of the SF-23, particularly how the car performs with increased downforce. This information is pivotal for their future car designs.

Why did Charles Leclerc consider Monza’s findings important?

Charles Leclerc emphasized the importance of the knowledge gained at Monza because it not only helps them make small improvements for the current season but also lays the foundation for designing the 2024 car, which represents a significant departure from the current one.

How is Ferrari planning to revamp its 2024 F1 car?

Ferrari is set to make extensive changes to its 2024 challenger based on the insights gained. These changes are deemed justified, thanks to what they learned at Monza.

What does Carlos Sainz think about Ferrari’s understanding of their car’s limitations?

Carlos Sainz believes that Ferrari’s comprehension of their car’s limitations in high-downforce configurations has significantly improved, thanks to their meticulous work before the Dutch Grand Prix. However, he also points out that the issue goes beyond just tweaking the rear wing; it’s a fundamental car characteristic they are addressing.

What’s the significance of these insights for Ferrari’s future in Formula 1?

These insights are invaluable for Ferrari as they continue their pursuit of excellence in Formula 1. They provide the knowledge needed to fine-tune their current car and lay the groundwork for a competitive 2024 season, showcasing the team’s commitment to evolving and winning in the sport.

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