Lando Norris Supports McLaren’s Difficult F1 Decisions

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McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown requested a review from team principal Andrea Stella and as the result of this review, James Key who was McLaren’s technical director left. Now to take his place, three new technical directors have been appointed – Pete Prodromou for aerodynamics, Davide Sanchez for car concept and performance, and Neil Houldey for engineering and design.

Norris believes in Stella and Brown and supports any decisions they make to help the team succeed. When talking to F1Flow.com about all the changes happening, Norris said he needs to have confidence and trust in the people running it.

Zak and Andrea are doing a new job, and I think they both have what it takes to do a great job at it. I’ve only seen them in action for a short amount of time, but based on what I’ve seen so far, they’re really good.

I’m really impressed by Andrea. Most people I know respect him a lot. So, I trust his decisions and share his beliefs. Overall, our team hasn’t been performing as well as we should and that means that we’re not contenders for the championship or even the top spot anymore.

Lando Norris believes in all the people employed by McLaren’s higher-ups. He was aware that it isn’t simple to do something big like letting someone go, as happened in this case with Key. Even though they have made some changes, Norris says they are still far away from reaching their desired goals.

He said, “I’m glad I’m not in Zak’s position. It’s hard work. Everyone has to make tough decisions at some point. Zak has bosses too who are thinking about the business first and making decisions that may not look nice, but are best for the business.” He added that it is a common practice across all teams in the grid and not just McLaren.

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