Lando Norris: Piastri is Already “Keeping me on my Toes” in F1 2023

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Oscar Piastri’s debut in Formula 1 was highly expected since McLaren snagged him away from Alpine during last summer’s driver transition. So far, the 21-year-old Australian has lived up to the expectations. During the weekend of Bahrain Grand Prix, his results were not so good. But on Saudi Arabia and Melbourne Grand Prix, he raced very closely with Norris (his teammate) and earned some points for McLaren.

Norris praised his new teammate, Piastri, for pushing him right from the start. Norris said that Piastri did a really good job in Saudi and was able to get into the third qualifying round which nobody else has done this year. Also, Norris mentions that the feedback Ricciardo gives is more similar to his than Daniel Ricciardo’s who left after two difficult years.

Lando Norris of McLaren and Oscar Piastri of McLaren said that their comments this year are better aligned than before. This means everyone in the team is focused on the engineers, aerodynamicists, and rest of the contributors at MTC. All images taken by Glenn Dunbar with F1Flow Images.

“We want similar things and I think that’s great! This means both of us, the on-track and off-track, are doing well and it’s making me work harder.”

The head of the team, Andrea Seidl, said that Oscar Piastri (who replaced Daniel Ricciardo) is doing really well and he’s almost as fast as Lando Norris. He only lost a couple of seconds in one turn which showed that his speed was very close to Norris’.

When your friend is really competitive, you can benefit from this like Lando is doing. This year, the relationship between the two drivers seems to be much better compared to last year.

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