Krack’s Aston Martin: Too Early to Judge F1 Form?

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The Silverstone team was happy that their cars were doing great in the first three races. Alonso was on the podium for the third time but Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes managed to beat him this time. So, it looks like small changes are making a difference during each race.

Lance Stroll spent a lot of the race chasing Pierre Gasly’s Alpine car and Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari. In the end, he got fourth place because Gasly quit and Sainz was given a penalty.

During qualifying, Aston Martin drivers drove slower than Ferrari drivers at the first two races and they went even slower compared to Mercedes drivers in the third one. However, so far this season Aston Martin have had either the 2nd or 3rd fastest cars which is a huge improvement if you compare it with last year.

Krack was asked by F1Flow.com if he was encouraged that his team was competitive across three different tracks (raceways). Krack answered, “Yes, it shows we have confidence in our racing strategy for all types of tracks. The raceways vary a lot with one having big straights and the other with no straight sections at all. All this makes the field move in different directions.”

I’m always saying that we should be careful not to draw too many conclusions from one race. We can’t really know the speed of the cars in a race without watching how the strategy played out, like in Melbourne. That’s why I urge everyone not to be too firm when making conclusions about races.

Krack accepted that Mercedes beat them in both qualifying and the race for the first time in Melbourne, showing that the team was correct to be a tad bit worried.

“It’s important to wait for more races until we can truly comprehend our position,” he said.

“We saw that we were basically even with lots of teams in Bahrain, it went all right in Jeddah, and here [in Melbourne] it was an actual match.”

“When you look at all the evidence, you can see that there isn’t a huge difference between what everyone else is doing. However, when they went to Australia for the race, the team wasn’t quite as strong as it had been in the first two races.”

“We weren’t as fast as we were in the first two races today,” said the Canadian. “Alpine was quicker than me and Carlos had a good race, so it didn’t seem like we had the advantage over our competitors today. Still, overall it was a good result.”

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