Jorge Martin Criticizes Tyre Issue for Undermining His 2023 MotoGP Title Chances in Qatar GP

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Jorge Martin’s performance in the Qatar GP’s Saturday sprint was remarkable, slashing Francesco Bagnaia’s lead in the championship to a mere seven points and pushing the title race to a decisive showdown in Valencia next week.

However, during Sunday’s main event, Martin’s pace dramatically fell off. He finished a distant 10th, over 14 seconds behind the race winner, Fabio Di Giannantonio. This result widened his gap to Bagnaia, who finished second, to 21 points.

Attributing his underwhelming performance to a problematic rear tyre, which he described as “like a stone,” Martin expressed frustration but stopped short of naming Michelin directly. He recounted the tyre’s poor performance from the start, causing his bike to lose traction in conditions that were not conducive to such issues.

“It seemed as if I had forgotten how to ride,” Martin commented, highlighting the unexpected tyre behavior. “The tyre should’ve been in good condition, being new, yet it felt like it had already seen 30 laps.”

Martin felt let down by the situation, believing that his championship hopes were unfairly compromised. “After such a hard-fought season, it’s disheartening to feel like the title was snatched from me due to this issue,” he lamented.

Despite his initial optimism, Martin quickly realized during the race that replicating his sprint success was unattainable. Not having discussed the issue with Michelin at the time of his interview, he stressed the unacceptability of a championship’s outcome being influenced by a tyre issue.

Recalling Friday’s practice, Martin had already reported rear grip issues, a problem also faced by Bagnaia in the sprint. Martin urged the need for tyre performance analysis and improvement to prevent such occurrences in the future.

He remains hopeful of future championship opportunities but acknowledges the significant setback this event has caused. Martin compared his rollercoaster of emotions during the race to a condensed 40-minute relationship, experiencing frustration, humor, and disappointment.

Asserting his confidence in his ability under equal conditions, Martin expressed frustration but remained firm in his belief of deserving the championship.

Michelin, in response, confirmed they were still investigating the tyre’s performance, noting it had not been used before the grand prix.

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Jorge Martin, Pramac Racing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MotoGP Qatar GP

What was the issue Jorge Martin faced in the MotoGP Qatar GP?

Jorge Martin experienced significant performance issues during the Qatar Grand Prix due to a problematic rear tyre, which he described as being “like a stone.” This issue dramatically affected his pace, resulting in him finishing 10th and widening his points gap in the championship.

How did the tyre problem affect Martin’s championship hopes?

The tyre issue in the Qatar GP severely impacted Jorge Martin’s chances in the 2023 MotoGP championship. He fell from being just seven points behind the leader, Francesco Bagnaia, to a 21-point deficit, making his path to the title much more challenging.

Did Jorge Martin blame Michelin for his poor performance?

While Jorge Martin expressed significant frustration over the tyre issue, which he believed compromised his performance, he did not directly name Michelin in his criticisms. However, he implied that the tyre’s condition was a key factor in his disappointing race result.

What were Martin’s feelings about the championship after the tyre issue?

Martin felt that his chances for the MotoGP championship were unfairly compromised due to the tyre issue. He described feelings of frustration and disappointment, believing that he deserved a better shot at the title after a hard-fought season.

Has Michelin responded to Jorge Martin’s tyre issue in the Qatar GP?

Michelin confirmed that they were investigating the issue with Martin’s tyre. They noted that the tyre in question had not been used prior to the grand prix, indicating an ongoing analysis to understand what went wrong.

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SpeedRacerX November 20, 2023 - 12:36 am

gotta say, this season’s just full of surprises. Qatar GP was no exception. but, martin’s blaming Michelin, that’s a big deal. Wonder what’s actually happened with that tyre?

JennyRides November 20, 2023 - 7:04 am

I feel for Martin, really do. but it’s part of racing, isn’t it? mechanical issues, tyre problems. they all come with the territory. Still, hope he bounces back in the next season!

GPInsider November 20, 2023 - 10:35 pm

Interesting to see how Michelin responds to this. Martin’s accusations are pretty serious. if it’s a tyre fault, could be big implications for future races. stay tuned folks.


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