Hyman’s Determination to Stick with Super Formula Despite Disastrous Season

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Hyman, the winner of the HPD scholarship, has faced a truly difficult season while driving for the B-Max Racing team. His performance has left much to be desired, never finishing above 15th place in the seven races so far and no qualifying rounds better than 18th place.

Despite his abysmal performance, a recent race at Motegi allowed the British driver a slight victory with his season-best finish. However, this doesn’t lighten the weight of his #51 machine’s constant underperformance throughout the year.

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Still, Hyman remains undeterred and hungry for the chance to “prove his mettle” in Super Formula. He has worked hard to get to where he is, winning last year’s Formula Regional Americas title and a $600,000 scholarship prize.

He remarked to F1 Flow.com, “Watching the competitors, it feels like they’re in a league of their own. Even when the balance is okay, there’s zero overall grip. And when it’s not, it’s a nightmare of problems.”

His frustration extends to the inability to implement ideas or make necessary changes. Hyman continued, “I want the opportunity to demonstrate my skills. Every time we’ve come to the track this season, I’ve been unable to.”

Reflecting on the previous two years, he added, “I aimed to prove what I could achieve. Winning the scholarship last year was one thing, but we’ve not even come close to realizing my potential. That’s what’s disheartening.”

With only the Suzuka double-header finale remaining for this season, Hyman’s focus has already shifted towards 2024. The 27-year-old has begun exploring possibilities to join the post-season rookie test at Suzuka in December. Still, he admits that landing a new position on the grid with his current record might prove difficult.

Hyman clarified, “For the moment, I have no plans for next year. The [HPD] scholarship was only for this season, and my main goal is to remain here. But it’s challenging when you can’t demonstrate your true ability.”

Hyman’s best chance may be the rookie test at the end of the season. He recognizes that finding a seat won’t be easy but is passionate about having the chance to prove himself. He said, “I’m working on that,” with a determination that hints at a future where he might just overcome the setbacks of this nightmare season.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Hyman

What has been Hyman’s performance in Super Formula this season?

Hyman has had a difficult season, finishing no higher than 15th place in seven races and qualifying no better than 18th. He drives for the B-Max Racing team and has struggled with pace and grip throughout the season.

What are Hyman’s thoughts on his performance?

Hyman is disappointed with his performance but is determined to show what he is capable of. He has expressed frustration with the lack of changes made to improve his car, and he feels like he hasn’t been able to demonstrate his true potential.

How did Hyman enter Super Formula?

Hyman entered Super Formula after winning the Formula Regional Americas title and a $600,000 scholarship prize. This victory provided him the opportunity to compete at a higher level, but the transition has been fraught with challenges.

What are Hyman’s plans for the future?

Hyman is already looking towards the 2024 season. He is considering participating in the post-season rookie test at Suzuka in December, but admits finding a new position may be difficult with his current record. His main goal is to stay in Super Formula and prove his abilities.

Where can Super Formula races be watched?

Super Formula qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live in 2023 on F1 Flow.tv. Viewers can sign up on their website to watch the events.

Is Hyman giving up on Super Formula after his poor performance?

No, despite a challenging season, Hyman is still holding out for a chance to prove himself in Super Formula. He has no plans to leave and is working on opportunities to continue his career in the competition.

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Motorsport_Molly August 23, 2023 - 5:13 pm

Really hope Hyman can turn things around in 2024. He’s so passionate, and I believe in him. Go Hyman!

Formula_Freak August 23, 2023 - 5:28 pm

Wonder what’s going on with the B-Max Racing team?? Why can’t they fix the car balance? frustrating as a fan to see this.

Speedster_Joe August 23, 2023 - 8:55 pm

thats a tough one, even though he won the scholarship last year he’s struggling alot, never giving up though. That’s the spirit!

Gearhead_Gary August 24, 2023 - 12:52 am

didn’t knw that Suzuka has rookie test. Hyman might find something good there, fingers crossed.

RacingFan2023 August 24, 2023 - 4:03 am

Hyman’s season has been rough to watch, he’s got talent but needs a better team or somthing. Hope 2024 is better for him.


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