Hulkenberg Hungers for More F1 Points After His Return to the Grid

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After three years without an F1 team, Hulkenberg returned with the US-owned one. During that time he was rarely driving for Racing Point/Aston Martin. In the first three races this season, he reached the Q3 twice and in Australia he earned his first points by finishing 7th – but Haas argued that he deserved to be one place higher! They challenged the results but didn’t succeed.

After the Melbourne event, Hulkenberg was happy with his performance and was feeling refreshed, in a very positive mindset, and hungry. He’s looking forward to continuing working with his team and experimenting with the car to get better results in the next few races.

Hulkenberg said he was really happy after seeing that the car was good in the first few races at the start of 2023. He mentioned it felt insane to think how quickly people get used to and expect more from their cars. In two of those races, they made it into Q3 and finished 11th in one of them.

“Kevin scored a point at the start of the race in Jeddah, so all things considered it was not a bad start of the season for him. Nico Hulkenberg from Haas VF-23 and Esteban Ocon from Alpine A523 as well as Yuki Tsunoda from AlphaTauri AT04 were with the rest of the drivers on the first lap. As he spends more time driving, Hulkenberg is getting more and more comfortable with his car.”

He said that the beginning of the season is new and different for the team, which also applies to him after taking some time off. He is content and confident that there will be more positive upcoming events.

He feels great from the start and his connection with the car is still in its early stages despite being at race three already. It seems like it’s getting better every time, which he finds nice.

Hulkenberg said that the competition in the middle pack of teams is pretty tight. This means you can easily move up or down in rankings.

He believes that there are four or five teams on top, plus another five in the midfield. So this means there’s no leader anymore.

“Everyone’s in a really tight race and even the smallest mistake can have huge consequences. But if you do well, it could mean you make it into the top 10! It’s exciting and competitive.”

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