How Formula One Racing Used to Be: Qualifying from Start to Finish

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At the beginning, Mika Hakkinen moved quickly while Michael Schumacher struggled, swerving near David Coulthard’s McLaren. This action let Rubens Barrichello, who was part of Schumacher’s Ferrari team, move up to third place and bump David back. Jacques Villeneuve in his BAR car took the lead with other cars following him.

At the start, Mika Hakkinen (with his McLaren MP4-15) was in the lead. Then, a competition between Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher from Ferrari began; where they stopped for fuel at the same time. Michael took on more gas than Mika and got ahead of him by driving faster during those few laps. After that, Mika complained about his engine cutting out. Later on, Michael said that these four laps were really important for him to win.

This photo is of Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F1 car from 2000.

Before that, Hakkinen was running when he hit something metal which damaged the front part of his McLaren and slowed him down. He tried his best to catch up to Schumacher but then Schumacher nearly crashed into Pedro Diniz’s Sauber car.

Barrichello and Coulthard both stopped for their second pitstop at the same time. Coulthard, who had less fuel in his car, managed to beat Barrichello by a tiny distance. After that,

Coulthard moved away quickly because he knew he was faster than Barrichello. He said: “My team did well during my pit stop!”

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It was a really thrilling battle at the top and Schumacher eventually won by just 1.168 seconds, which is even lesser than what Hakkinen had gained on him after alap one! Coulthard was way back in 3rd place, more than 50 seconds behind as he had been able to defeat Barrichello and come in third. Barrichello also finished the race without being lapped once while Villeneuve and Mika Salos’s Sauber made it into the top 10 scorers.

Michael Schumacher, Ferrari F1 2000 driver, won the race and went on the podium with Mika Hakkinen, McLaren’s second place. This was Michael’s third win in a row and he was trying to beat Mika, who is reigning champion but had scored his first points of the year after facing some difficulty earlier.

After the race, Schumacher said: “That was a super exciting race and I hope everyone enjoyed it! I made a very bad start but I still managed to stay at second position. We stuck with our plan, even though we weren’t sure what Mika would do. The four laps before my second pit stop were the most important part because I tried really hard. Maybe the tyres we chose for today might not have been the perfect fit for today’s conditions.

I was scared when I tried to pass Diniz in the race. He wanted to be nice and let me go but it wasn’t the right time, so we almost crashed into each other. Except for that, it was a lot of fun! The way we were driving felt just like qualifying from start to finish.

Hakkinen said that he was disappointed since he should have won the race but something happened which made it hard for him to do so. He explained that when his car went for its first pitstop, it hit a debris on the track and this damaged its front floor. Then, just before going for his second pitstop, his engine shut off in the main straight which wasted some time and let Schumacher take the lead after his second pitstop.

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