How Does the Imaginary APXGP Vehicle Differ from Actual F1 Cars?

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The APXGP, built on the Dallara-designed Formula 2 chassis, is modified with updated bodywork to give the semblance of a current F1 car. It takes design cues from the 2022-spec regulations.

Though the changes are convincingly detailed, the car is marginally shorter than its counterparts due to the F2 chassis being around 400mm shorter in its base form.

To slightly extend the length, the nosecone is projected farther ahead, aiding in blending the nose tip with the front wing, evident in the increased distance from the endplate to the front wheels.

Elements of the popular 2023 design trends are apparent, with simplified downwashing sidepods and cooling louvres attached on top of the bodywork. This is reinforced by the exaggerated floor opening. Even though F2 cars utilize Venturi tunnels for downforce similar to an F1 car, the leading edge of the floor is considerably smaller. Fins and strakes, visible from the front and sides, further enhance this impression.

The engine cover also exhibits the tubular outlets on either side of the central exhaust pipe, complemented by an appropriate fin on top.

At the rear, the 2022-spec rear wing is included, featuring a beam wing and a sculpted mainplane to add attention to the car’s detail.

Additional fine details are sprinkled throughout the car; wheel deflectors are present over the front tires, and the mirrors are delicately shaped to preserve the intricacies seen in current F1 models.

Upon closer examination, a small fairing that mirrors a tire sensor is noticeable at the top of the front wing endplate, contributing to the feel of a modern F1 car. Additionally, a metal rod seemingly secures the rear corner of the floor, emulating those used to moderate floor flex.

However, despite these intricate details designed to simulate an F1 car, those managing the car’s renovation couldn’t compensate for the narrower width of the F2 chassis, which is 100mm less, resulting in a slightly compacted appearance.

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Because the chassis has to retain all designated hard points and structural components, the car couldn’t be adjusted to accommodate the wider F1-spec wheels, and thus comes equipped with F2-spec Pirellis – with the rear wheels being around 55mm narrower.

This is an explicit constraint that the creators had to accept. They’ve done a commendable job making the chassis resemble an F1 car. However, the aesthetic evaluation will be apparent when the car is positioned next to the 20 authentic cars on the grid, and in the final movie’s depiction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about APXGP F1 Car Comparison

What is the base of the fictional APXGP car?

The base of the fictional APXGP car is the Dallara-built Formula 2 chassis, which has been modified to give the appearance of a modern F1 car.

How does the size of the APXGP car compare to an actual F1 car?

The APXGP car is slightly shorter and narrower than actual F1 cars due to the dimensions of the original F2 chassis. Despite efforts to lengthen it, the car remains approximately 400mm shorter and 100mm narrower.

What are some of the modifications made to the APXGP car?

The APXGP car has been modified with updated bodywork, a longer nosecone, downwashing sidepods, cooling louvres, and a 2022-spec rear wing. However, it is fitted with F2-spec Pirellis due to its inability to accommodate the wider F1-spec wheels.

What are the limitations in making the APXGP car resemble a real F1 car?

Despite various modifications, the APXGP car’s width couldn’t be adjusted due to the necessity of retaining all designated hard points and structural elements of the F2 chassis. This results in the car having a slightly compacted appearance.

How will the APXGP car’s aesthetics be evaluated?

The aesthetics of the APXGP car will be evaluated when it’s positioned next to 20 real F1 cars on the grid, as well as in the depiction in the final film.

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MotorheadMike July 7, 2023 - 1:47 pm

Kinda disappointed tbh… They shoulda made it a real f1 size. Would’ve looked so much better on screen. Who’s with me?

JerryRacer46 July 7, 2023 - 2:10 pm

Wow! who would’ve thought an F2 chassis could look like F1. top job, really. Lookin forward to seein it in the movie.

PistonPete July 7, 2023 - 8:00 pm

those modifications sound pretty complex! Hats off to the engineers for pullin this off. Cant wait to see it next to the real deal.

SpeedDemon78 July 8, 2023 - 2:30 am

Interesting… Would be cool to see how it runs compared to the actual F1 cars. too bad it’s only for show.

F1Fanatic July 8, 2023 - 5:00 am

not too shabby for a fictional car, but nothing beats the real deal guys!! Bring on the real F1!


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