How Brown’s Departure Helped Spark an “Aggressive” F1 Technical Review at McLaren

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After their race in Saudi Arabia, the team changed things up by replaced one technical director with three new ones. These directors are named Peter Prodromou (aerodynamics), Davide Sanchez (designing the car and making sure it runs well) and Neil Houldey (engineering).

Brown explains that the changes they made were because they didn’t have enough time to create the car for 2022. Its former leader Andreas Seidl left last year and now Andrea Stella is leading the team which helped give them a goal to evaluate things carefully.

Brown added that the start of 2022 wasn’t easy as they had some issues with the brakes.

The car was alright, but we had some driver problems that were taking a lot of our attention. Even though this was going on, I wasn’t happy with how we were progressing in making the racing car. When compared to other teams, we hadn’t progressed nearly as far over the second half of last year.

At the end of the year, there was a change in McLaren’s team principal. This gave me the chance to talk more with Andrea about investigating our team. Andrea has been part of McLaren since 2015 and he knew more about reviewing things than somebody new to the team.

Brown said that because the person in question had been there for a while, he already knew a lot and hadn’t started from the beginning. Brown and his team came up with a plan that made sense and quickly began enacting it. The timing of this plan was unintentional but happened to coincide with their bad start to the season.

The Mercedes motorsports team is not happy about their progress in racing lately. Meanwhile, Ferrari feels sure they will get a lot of points at the upcoming race in Australia.

The CEO, Key Brown, recently made some tough decisions to help his team become better. He said that he’s responsible for everything and must take charge.

“Me and Andrea never make any important decisions without talking with our leadership team first. We always make sure to stay on the same page about everything related to the technical side or anything from the racing team.

Sometimes, when we feel like things aren’t going as well as they should, we’ve got to take action and choose a different way of doing things, which is what we did. Now I’m sure that things are going in a good direction.”

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