How Alpine’s American Investors Use Their NFL and Hollywood Expertise to Boost F1 Presence

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Renault’s decision to elevate its sportscar brand, Alpine, signifies a fascinating strategy to not only enhance its image but also to generate higher revenues from its F1 venture. This initiative is further supported by the involvement of Hollywood celebrities, including Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, and Michael B. Jordan.

A consortium comprising three financial firms, namely Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners, and Maximum Effort Investments, collectively referred to as the Investor Group, has invested €200m for a 24% share in the team.

It is not a novel concept for a works team to bring in external shareholders, as evidenced by Mercedes owning only 33% of its Brackley operation following Jim Ratcliffe and INEOS’s investments.

While Renault has committed a significant amount of resources to Alpine and its F1 team, the company did not necessarily need external financing. Rather, it sought the sports and entertainment marketing proficiency that the American partners could offer.

This scenario parallels certain instances on the Dragon’s Den TV show, when entrepreneurs with sufficient funding approach potential investors, seeking partners with the right connections and reach to escalate their projects.

Although Alpine is fundamentally French, its CEO Laurent Rossi, a Harvard MBA holder, brings a global perspective due to his previous experience at Boston Consulting Group and Google. His international exposure is likely to have influenced the investment from the US. Additionally, team principal Otmar Szafnauer’s American background complements the partnership with the new investors.

“They will assist us in capitalising on the business side,” Rossi explains. “The experts here [at Enstone] and in Viry know their job. They will keep doing what they are doing.

“They [the investors] will support us in amplifying our revenue, hospitality, sponsorship, licensing, merchandising beyond our initial plans.

“A part of that we will reinvest into infrastructure, tools, equipment. This plan, which we call Mountain Climber, had been set in motion before RedBird joined us,” Rossi elaborates.

While it’s uncertain how the three investing entities divided the financing, it’s likely that Otro Capital is the primary partner, considering its co-founder Alec Scheiner will be appointed as a director of the F1 team and serve as the group’s spokesperson.

So, who are these investors, and what is their background in sports? Scheiner, a lawyer by training, spent nearly a decade as a senior vice president and general counsel for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys before serving three years as the president of the Cleveland Browns.

Brent Stehlik, one of Scheiner’s key associates, held marketing roles with the Cowboys and the Browns and worked in baseball with the San Diego Padres and the Arizona Diamondbacks, as well as hockey with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

RedBird, under the leadership of founder and Harvard and Oxford graduate Gerry Cardinale, has an extensive history in various sports ventures.

Moreover, the company has ties to the entertainment industry, most notably through Skydance Media (producers of franchises like Mission: Impossible, Terminator, Star Trek, Top Gun, Jack Ryan and Jack Reacher), and a partnership with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck through their Artists Equity studio.

So, why have these American entities invested in F1, and particularly Alpine? Simply put, they perceive it as a valuable opportunity.

“Alpine ticks all the boxes for us when it comes to investing in sports: valuable intellectual property, our ability to add value to the investment, and having like-minded partners,” explains Otro boss Scheiner.

Interestingly, Alpine initiated the partnership. “It started with Laurent and Luca [De Meo, Renault CEO]. They approached us, showing that we could provide strategic value, which is

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Alpine F1 Team Investment

Who are the investors in the Alpine F1 team?

The investors in the Alpine F1 team are three financial entities known as the Investor Group, consisting of Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners, and Maximum Effort Investments.

What expertise do the American investors bring to the F1 team?

The American investors bring expertise in sports and entertainment marketing, with backgrounds in the NFL and Hollywood. They have experience in commercial revenue generation, hospitality, sponsorships, licensing, and merchandising.

Why did Renault bring in outside finance for Alpine?

Renault sought to boost the profile of its sportscar brand and generate additional income for the F1 project. While Renault had the resources to support Alpine, the company was more interested in leveraging the sports and entertainment expertise that the American investors could provide.

How will the investment help Alpine’s growth?

The investment will help Alpine accelerate its growth plans, including hiring more staff, investing in facilities, tools, and equipment. It will also boost revenue streams through enhanced monetization efforts in areas such as hospitality, sponsoring, licensing, and merchandising.

What is the significance of the American connections for Alpine?

Alpine’s CEO Laurent Rossi’s international outlook, along with team principal Otmar Szafnauer’s American background, synergizes well with the American investors. The American connections provide valuable expertise, connections, and reach, particularly in the sports and entertainment industries, which can benefit Alpine’s global expansion plans.

How did the partnership with the American investors come about?

Alpine initiated the partnership with the American investors, recognizing the strategic value they could bring. The partnership was based on shared values and the potential to enhance commercial revenues and treat them as a valuable asset.

Will the investment impact Alpine’s road car business?

The investment in the Alpine F1 team has a crossover effect on the brand’s road car business. It can benefit Alpine’s core business by increasing its visibility and international presence. The US connections can facilitate opportunities for collaboration, such as featuring Alpine cars in movies or leveraging the celebrity endorsements of the American investors.

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